Citrix Success Story

Citrix Case Study

My name's Mark flower. I am a senior architect responsible for the enterprise delivery of applications at Citrix, where two and a half billion dollar company and really where the company has gone from is delivering applications to really delivering applications from anywhere. One of the issues that we had within Citrix was our on-premise solution just wasn't agile. We could not quickly make the changes that five six 10 different divisions wanted all the times as well as maintain that in a fashion that was acceptable to our inside sales business unit. They came to I.T. and said we want to be able to manage our own solution. But yet we want deep integration with Salesforce. I think they were just fed up with our on-premise solution and that really led them to look at the cloud and ultimately be responsible for their own success. We went through when we looked at the top three what we thought and Five9 was declared the winner of that selection process and I think the real selling point was for our inside sales organization is when we turned on the PSC in two days. I think what was really a deciding factor for us was the user interface was cleaner with five nines and the sale support that we were getting at the time was much better. The real I.T. guys that were telephony who were pointing out some small things that perhaps they were used to configuring and owning and developing they were saying oh my Five9 is so much better. I can't believe it. 

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