Gateway One

My name's Ivan Estrada. I'm the assistant manager of customer service at Gateway One lending and finance. Prior to Five9 we were actually using another cloud dialer system LiveVox. One of our biggest hurdles was, we needed to be a truly branded environment and not have just an inbound and outbound workflow. With Five9, it's definitely given us more flexibility in terms of reporting metrics for our agents. Are we picking up all of our calls? If not why are we not? It gives us this type of information that's crucial especially for an inbound call. In any call center, it is really golden. It's a customer calling in and our goal is to service that call. We gained a vast amount of productivity just what the reporting feature. Supervisor dashboard is also a huge press for us. We're able to see things happen in real time. We know how many calls are in the queue. We can monitor the agents real-time listen to the calls. Barge into the cause as we wish which is a huge press. There are also different features where you can whisper something to an agent without the customer hearing it and help them out and guide them through that call, which again there was a definite was a plus for our organization.