Success Story

Our decision to go with Five9. There are a few things that we are exploring. Obviously, one of the big ones for us was cost. When you're in kind of startup mode you want to get the most bang for your buck. And we looked at some that cost even twice as much as Five9. We're also looking for better reporting that didn't require a technical person to pull a report but could really give us insights into the performance of our call center and our operations. We didn't have a lot of insight prior to Five9. The biggest metric where we're hammering on right now for agent productivity is after call work. This weird time after the call ends to when the agent dispositions the call. Some of our agents were spending an average of two minutes. Some have been upwards of seven minutes. So how can we minimize the number of windows the agent has to get from the end of the call to the disposition. So that's what we're really working on, trying to understand where our agents should be how we can improve the agent experience to help them improve and then how we can coach them to to be as efficient as they can. We've used the Five9 social media integration as far as having a tool that you can really dig deep down and see what people are saying across all different social media channels.

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