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Reimagining the Customer Experience through Journey Orchestration

Reimagining the Customer Experience through Journey Orchestration

As companies connect with customers across multiple channels, it is increasingly important that they can report strategically on the performance of the overall customer experience and journey. Differentiated customer service is a valuable asset in today’s hypercompetitive market. Having real-time access to data and insights and the ability to act on those insights is key to ensuring your agents are empowered and your customers continue to engage with you as they progress through their journey.

Join Rowan Trollope, CEO of Five9, and Michel Feaster, CEO of Usermind, as they discuss the importance of the customer journey and how to leverage the right data at the right time to create extraordinary customer experiences.  

Tune into this live executive webinar to learn:  

  • How to change and improve the customer journey across multiple channels by empowering agents with real-time analytics 

  • Why now is the most crucial time to consider synergies between the employee or agent experience and the customer experience  

  • The most common mistakes customers face as they are trying to improve their customer journey

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