Siemens Success Story


My name is Chittaranjan Desai and I work for Siemens I am the director of central applications. I work for the Siemens shared services so we provide services for Siemens employees. Our office supports the US in price and that's about sixty-five to seventy thousand. So if we had an on-premise solution. Each agent was tied to a desk and we were actually moving to a new way of working that the agents could actually work from home work from anywhere. So it was very essential for us to move to a new platform or make adjustments. And that's why we chose Five9 which helps us with scalability as well as without a base working. Based on the analysis we found Five9 to be the best value. One of the main differentiators in on-premise and a cloud solution as you invest a lot on-premise solution keeping up with the technology and keeping up with how the call center industry is evolving it's difficult to do it with an on-premise solution. So looking at all those aspects and also with our move to the new ways of working. This was our the best bet. When we moved to the cloud you got rid of all the on-premise technology all that all those servers save cost at the same time gave us the flexibility to increase the number of agents based on business needs. Making sure that the system is up and running all the time is the one main thing. I don't want that to be the concern. 

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