Decision Framework

Decision Framework: Are you Ready for a Contact Center Solution?

Cloud-based technology allows companies of all sizes to realize the benefits of contact center systems and applications, like automatic call distributors (ACDs) that queue and route incoming calls, emails, short message service (SMS) and social media interactions, to the right employees. Whether you’re a start-up with just a few part-time employees receiving and confirming orders over the Internet and phone, a roofing company that is busier than ever due to the bad weather, or a doctor’s office that is seeing a surge in new patients, ACDs and dialers may make your job easier and help to grow your business and revenue more quickly.

Below is a list of activities and challenges faced by small and mid-sized organizations that contact centers can help address. Review this list and identify the issues that apply to your company. If you select 6 or more of these items, a contact center solution, such as an ACD or a dialer, can be expected to help your company achieve its goals and have a rapid payback of 1 to 6 months. This is particularly true if you acquire a cloud-based solution that does not require a large capital investment and can be installed quickly.