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That's Genius! is a podcast series dedicated to transforming the way contact centers do business.

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7 Tips for Human-Centered Customer Service w/ Scott Kolma‪n‬

Seven factors go into human-centered customer service. At Five9, we've identified all seven. Here they are from the customer's perspective:

The Pandemic's Impact on the Marketplace in Mexico w/ Gilberto Godine‪‪z‬

What's it like to sell technology in Mexico mid-COVID? On a recent episode of That’s Genius!, we talked with Gilberto Godinez, CEO & founder of GRUPO ITS (PCSNets Mexico).

Welcome our new CMO w/ Genefa Murphy

The latest episode of “That’s Genius!” is a very special one. In our latest episode, we got to sit down and talk with our newest executive, Five9 Chief Marketing Officer, Genefa Murphy.

Stabilize. Enhance. Transform. w/ Martin Cross

Is AI a buzzword? To a large extent, it is. But the trick lies in finding practical ways to implement AI and machine learning. Here are a few:

A Conversation with the Communications Protagonist w/ Dave Michels

In some ways, COVID has proved to be a giant social experiment and we're finding out that we can do better than we thought. What's going to happen next with contact centers?

Breaking Down the Silos w/ Mike Bourke

During the pandemic, 75% of people have changed their preferred brands. With that kind of turnover, companies of all sizes absolutely must automate their processes to better track customer engagement.

Answering the Call to Amplify Your Voice w/ Jeff Woodland

Remember snatching the phone off the wall in the kitchen when you were a kid? What was so exciting about getting a call?

The Five9 Family is Growing w/ Tricia Yankovich

75 new employees. 92% engagement. Those are the numbers we picked up in the second quarter at Five9. How do these new hires hear about our company? And why are so many of our employees engaged?

A Get Together with our New VP of Product Marketing at Five9 w/ Terry Fortescue

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever and they want to engage with a brand how and when on their own terms. This means that for businesses to succeed they need to step up their digital engagement strategies.

The Five Things Nobody Will Tell You About Succeeding at Remote Work w/ Greg Hanover

COVID threw the world for a loop. Thousands of folks have been forced into remote work. It can be hard and not everybody is built for it. But if you’ve been forced into remote work, how can you get the most out of it?