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Do Not Call Regulations

Comply with Applicable Outbound Calling DNC Regulations

Let Five9 help you solve any difficulties with DNC laws by letting you upload your company’s supplemental Do Not Call list to the cloud online, which prevents these numbers from being dialed by your outbound and autodialer campaigns. Plus, our service even covers manual calls placed by agents so you can eliminate DNC complaints due to human error. In addition, you can automatically track Do Not Call requests from inbound return calls and enable your professional agents to fulfill callers’ requests to be placed on the DNC list in real time. This minimizes errors in adding caller requests, which means higher caller satisfaction and ensures that your telemarketing service is a fully fledged comprehensive service capable of meeting any caller’s request.

You have the option to override the DNC list with customers that you have permission to call. This puts you in complete control of your DNC list, which makes it much easier to make adjustments, changes, and calls as the list changes and develops. Additionally, with Five9’s Predictive Dialer and Power Dialer capabilities, you can comply with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule that limits “abandoned” marketing calls. Currently, violations of these DNC regulations carry heavy fines, upwards of $11,000, which is a lot of potential capital that can be lost if your DNC compliance is not up to date. All it takes to keep these hefty fines away from your business profit margins is Five9’s DNC compliance features and a little advance planning that can keep that money in your business.

Stay compliant with DNC laws without hurting productivity

By using Five9’s built-in DNC list management and other regulatory DNC compliance features, you’ll find it much easier to honor applicable DNC regulations without hindering agent productivity. This means your agents can spend more time calling new potential customers instead of going through numbers that are not interested in receiving your products or services. Our DNC list scrubbing feature automatically works within the Federal Trade Commission Do Not Call registry rules.