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Web Callback Service

Schedule Return Calls

Today, consumers are primarily browsing online to inform their purchasing decisions. Virtually every company has a website that provides information about available products and services. However, many companies do not leverage their website’s full potential to generate sales. Five9 provides a Web callback capability that allows you to capture requests from website visitors for a return phone call from a sales representative. By using the Five9 Cloud APIs, a website can be integrated with the Virtual Call Centre Suite Web callback service so that sales leads and other types of callback requests from the website can be added to an existing outbound calling list. A Web callback for hot leads can be dialed immediately, and callbacks to other website visitors can be scheduled or dialed according to other outbound campaign settings. Once the customer is connected with a sales agent, a CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) screen provides them with valuable information about the potential customer. Any website can be added to your call centre and added to call lists.

By utilizing a Web callback service to deliver leads to your sales team, you benefit from improved lead quality and increased revenues as well as improved productivity from your sales staff. Employees will also benefit from our easy-to-use contact management through our Outbound Cloud Contact Centre. This database allows agents to access contacts and return callbacks quickly and easily. By using this Web service, callback times are easily reduced.

Why Choose Five9?

Five9 is the top provider of professional cloud call centre software. We work for you by providing you with the best services for your needs based on past centre performance statistics. When using our Web service, callback times are greatly reduced and agents can spend more time focusing on satisfying clients. With our integrated agent scripting capabilities, callbacks are sure to be consistent, enthusiastic, and highly professional. Scripting allows even the most inexperienced agents to relax and ensure that they get the most out of the phone call. Agents can then be monitored, trained, and evaluated based on their performance.

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