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See What Onecom and Five9 can Do for You

Onecom and Five9 share the view that whilst the future is digital, your human agents remain integral — and keeping them satisfied and motivated can be an uphill battle. We take concepts of gamification and leverage AI-enabled technology to support mental-health and well-being strategies designed to motivate, reward, and empower your people.

  • Award-winning partnership

  • 99.999% Service Level Agreement

  • #1 in AI Conversational AI for self-service & agent assistance

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Why Move to the Cloud Now?

Customer expectations are constantly evolving, and contact centres must keep up. Moving to the cloud can enable your contact centre to keep delivering the experiences your customers expect without falling behind. Learn how cloud-enabled technology lets you manage your entire communication ecosystem directly from Microsoft Teams, harness the power of intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), enhance your agent and customer experience with workforce management, and so much more.

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On the Path to a Digital Future

Five9 is helping us to understand how much resource we need to manage the calls and customer contacts that are coming in.