Bridging the Gap: 5 Ways Executives are Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

79% of enterprise business leaders say that customer satisfaction has the most impact on their overall business. If that’s the case, why aren’t consumers getting the customer service they deserve?

Companies with high customer satisfaction scores generally have higher retention, renewals, and overall revenue growth for the company. While customer service remains top of mind for business leaders around the world, there is always room to learn from our peers.

We surveyed over 300 business decision makers at enterprises with an average of 1,000 employees to understand how they view customer service in their business. Tune in to learn what the experts are doing now and what they think the future of customer service should look like to continue retaining customers and increasing revenue growth across the board.

In this webinar, Blair Pleasant of COMMfusion and Michael Rose of Five9 will discuss:

  • The top trends in customer satisfaction

  • The gap between why business leaders think customer satisfaction is important, and why consumers aren’t getting the service they expect

  • The role of customer service, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the contact center

  • How enterprise business decision makers are tying revenue growth to customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, and digital transformation

Register now to learn what your peers are doing to keep satisfaction rates high and customers happy. Unable to attend the webinar on March 26th? Register anyway to receive the recording.

Blair Pleasant

Founder and President

Michael Rose

Director, Brand and Marketing Communications


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