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Enhance Your Customer Experience with Virtual Voiceover

Leverage lifelike voice avatars for high-fidelity voiceover recordings with Five9 Virtual Voiceover, enabling you to create natural-sounding voice prompts using standard or custom voice avatars.

  • Deploy easy-to-create natural sounding text-to-speech
  • Reduce the time, effort, and cost needed to create voiceovers
  • Choose from a menu of 25 standard voices

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Eliminate Production Costs with Virtual Voiceover

Five9 Virtual Voiceover significantly reduces the time and expense of producing high-quality custom voiceovers for static self-service scripts used with Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs). You can create engaging audio, on demand.

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  • Use lifelike voice avatars for high-fidelity voiceover recordings.
  • You can even create a custom voice avatar modeled after your brand's spokesperson.
  • It’s all designed to create an exceptional customer experience.

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Create a Custom Voice Avatar

If offering a distinctive and differentiated brand is important for your business, you can create your own custom voice avatar in weeks. You select a company spokesperson or voice actor to represent your brand, and WellSaid will digitize and model that actor's voice into a custom voice avatar. The avatar is published to your unique Studio 7 domain so that only your organization has access to it.

  • Build engaging voices, on demand.
  • Generate lifelike text-to-speech on the fly.
  • Create an exceptional customer experience with high-quality voice.
  • Create a custom voice avatar modeled after your brand's spokesperson.

The Right Voice for Your Brand

It's easy to create voice prompts with standard or custom voice avatars from within Five9 Inference Studio. Just type in the text and select an avatar and it immediately creates a new audio file for you to preview and use with your IVA task. Check out a few of the voices from our partner WellSaid Labs.

Kai says...

Kai says...

I can boost revenue by taking care of routine service requests.
Paige says...

Paige says...

I help Pizza Hut’s customers find the closest stores.

Patrick says...

I can help you reduce service costs.
Ramona says...

Ramona says...

I cost about 10% of a live agent.
Sofia says...

Sofia says...

We can help you increase automation rates over the phone.

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All you need is a computer, Internet, and a headset. Five9 is in the cloud, so there are no big up-front costs. No servers. No technicians. No maintenance.


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