Administrator for Sales

Five9 Administrator for Sales

In this demo we'll see the flexibility of a Five9 call center. We'll show an administrator setting up a sales campaign complete with an agent Q and marketing list support. Our call center administrator is Stephanie Provenza and she works for Blue Ruby, a company that makes G.P.S. devices and apps for the iPhone and Android. And she'll be setting up a campaign for a product called the Blue 7000. We'll start and the administrator console where Stephanie will select a group of agents trained specifically for selling the blue seven thousand. She starts by clicking skills. Creates a blue seven thousand sales group. And assigns the agents. Next Stephanie clicks on lists. Creates a list for the blue seven thousand. And updates the list with an easy to use wizard. First, we'll add records to the list. Find the list file. And upload. We can also import marketing lists with an API that connects to multiple sources including CRM applications such as and Net Suite. Five9 works in real time with these systems. So agents are always processing the most up to date lists. Lastly, Stephanie is going to create the campaign.

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