Corporate Overview Video

Five9 Corporate Overview Video

The old way of building contact centers required integrating complex on-premise hardware and software systems. This took lots of time, technical resources, required large upfront investments and capital expenses like hardware and facilities ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs, and long deployment cycles. They also don't make for the most scalable or flexible solution. We can do away with all of that. By providing the underlying technology to manage and report on a wide variety of customer interactions from multiple communication channels. Five9 enables contact centers to create powerful customer connections. We enable companies to match interactions to the appropriate resource at the appropriate time and deliver them with the right information to create a great customer experience. We do this with the cloud. With the cloud, deploy in days and scale up or down as needed. You get a pay as you go solution. With no hidden costs and no recurring maintenance or upgrade hassles. Your I.T. people are freed up to concentrate on other strategic issues. And your contact center can focus on what you do best. Creating an awesome customer experience. Five9 gives you everything you need to run a contact center in the cloud.

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