Five9 Genius brings the power of AI to the contact center

Customer expectation evolving faster than most of the businesses can respond. Consumers want to communicate on their terms anytime anywhere and they expect you to know that. This challenge to personalized experience to millions of diverse customers isn't achievable using a cookie cutter approach. Solutions that treating everyone with the same if then else logic cannot scale. What is needed is a dynamic technology, that can consume information, learned patterns, and adapt actions, all in real time. Five9 Genius is the solution, delivering practical AI for the contact center, taking structured data from sources including, email, chat, or web search entry,  Genius predicts the reason for the customer inquiry in intelligently route and quickly resolve the issue.

Watch how a powerful single workflow engine leverages multiple data sources and drives intelligent omnichannel routing of customer interactions. Regardless of the channel, Five9 Genius can provide agent guidance on customer journey and next steps for an amazing and personalized customer experience.