Supervisors for Reporting & Real-Time Analysis

Video Supervisors for Reporting & Real-Time Analysis

In this demo, we're going to see how Five9 leading technology produces powerful reports ensure you have productive agents and your business is responsive to changing needs. We'll follow the call center supervisor Rebecca Jones as she reviews her team's performance and monitors the call center in real time. Rebecca works for Blue Ruby a company that makes G.P.S. devices and apps for the iPhone and Android. Rebecca starts her day with some of Five9 standard reports. Five9 has worked with its user community to produce over 100 standard reports, including agent reports, call log reports, and queue reports. REBECCA can also create custom reports that keep her up to date on her evolving business. Here, Rebecca takes a look at a custom call log report. The report gives access to the numbers dialed, the whole time, the time the customer was in the IVR, and of the call recording. Here, Rebecca evaluates her team in real time through the supervisor's dashboard. She can review all of her agents and their current status and call performance as well as call volume and queue statistics. With Five9 leading technology Rebecca can keep up with her agents in real time. Here, color coding alerts Rebecca that her agent Paul Howard has been on a call for too long with a click. Rebecca can join the call and just listen, speak to only her agent, or speak to both the customer and the agent. At the end of the day, Rebecca exports some of her key metrics for the vice president of customer service. In seconds, she has an Excel file ready to send off.

Watch the Supervisors for Reporting & Real-Time Analysis Video

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