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Why Cloud? Virtual Call Center Benefits

Deploy Quickly. Scale On Demand. Regain Control.

The Contact Center Dilemma
Today’s customers demand more: Faster service, knowledgeable agents, and a variety of ways to communicate. It’s tough to keep up. Balance your need to contain costs and maintain a great customer experience by leveraging the cloud for your contact center.

Say Goodbye to Call Center Equipment
and “It Takes Too Long and Costs Too Much”

Developing contact centers "the old way" (on-premise hardware and software) was complex, expensive, and very time-consuming. Moving your contact center to the cloud changes everything—now, you can just say "no" to all the challenges of doing it the old way.

Say goodbye to:

  • Large upfront investments
  • Expensive hardware
  • Long deployments
  • Capital expenditures
  • Managing multiple hardware and software vendors
  • Managing multiple carriers
  • Expensive maintenance
  • Complex software 
  • Long user training and ramp times
  • Paying for complex features you'll never use
  • Difficult upgrades
  • Managing complex infrastructure
  • IT change backlogs
  • Hidden fees 
  • Overbuying capacity to accommodate seasonal peaks

Why Cloud?
Less Complexity, More Control.

When you move your contact center to the cloud with Five9, you get all the rich functionality you expect from a legacy, on-premise system, plus a lot more:

Control — Take control of your own destiny. It's so intuitive, even non-techies can configure a contact center in hours.

Time — Let us take the burden off of you- we'll manage, upgrade and maintain your contact center infrastructure and phone service.

Scalability — If you need more agents, turn on licenses and increase line capacity in hours with one phone call.

Business Agility — Agents can log in and take calls from anywhere. Your supervisors can monitor from anywhere, too.

Flexibility — Pay as you grow with monthly per user fees.

Reliability — Our geo-redundant infrastructure ensures the system is always available when you need it.

Experience — With thousands of customers, we have more deployments than any other cloud contact center vendor in the industry.

Now your contact center can move as fast as your business.

What is the cloud?
Cloud Computing Overview

The cloud, or cloud computing, entails network access (usually over the Internet) to a pool of distributed services or resources such as servers, storage and applications. With the cloud, little management is needed and resources can be dynamically reallocated amongst devices in the network, achieving greater efficiency through economies of scale. Well-established examples of distributed resources can be found in the U.S. electrical grid and the PSTN, or Public Switched Telephone Network (the global circuit-based telephone network).

One contemporary example is a Google Doc. These are documents that can be accessed by two or more people at the same time and never need to be forwarded through e-mail or messaging service. Google Docs help to keep data current, available from anywhere on any device, and secure, as do the many other cloud service offerings.

Cloud computing principles have been in wide use in the contact center industry for decades, with the PSTN and mainframes, and later with ASPs (Application Service Providers). In recent years, as cloud solutions gain favor for driving greater efficiency and business flexibility, the industry has started to transition from on-premise to cloud applications for managing contact center operations.