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Five9 Agent Assist: AI Summaries

Boost efficiency with instant call summaries powered by Generative AI.

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Reduce Workload for Your Agents with AI and Automation

After-call work is an essential part of contact center operations, but it can also consume significant time, impacting agent productivity and your customer experience. 

Five9 AI Summaries uses the same generative AI technology behind ChatGPT to summarize customer call transcripts in seconds. This AI summarizer for call centers and contact centers saves up to 40% of an agent’s time and allows them to focus more on customers by removing the need to write call notes and summaries.

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Find Quicker Ways to Help Your Agents Improve 

For contact center managers to identify areas of improvement for their agents, they often must manually sift through hours of call recordings and notes. With Five9 AI Summaries, use call transcriptions to quickly analyze the quality of agent interactions with customers and provide actionable feedback.

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Customize AI Summaries outputs with GenAI Studio

AI Summaries gives you the ability to easily optimize the output of your call summaries based on your business need. Craft and assess free-form prompts effortlessly, and seamlessly integrate them into AI summaries for enhanced customization. Enable tasks such as condensing call summaries, translating them, or capturing specific call elements such as call topic and result.

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Use Cases

  • Reduce After-Call Work (ACW)

    Free agents from manual notetaking with real-time transcriptions and automatic AI summaries.

  • Improve Summary Consistency

    Leverage OpenAI GPT‘s large language models (LLMs) to create the same quality call summaries after every call.

  • Identify Coaching Opportunities

    Provide contact center managers with insights that immediately surface customer trends so they can pinpoint quicker paths to improvement for agents.

  • Increase Compliance and Call Quality

    Call summaries can help ensure that regulatory requirements are being met by capturing and storing the discussion during the call.

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Agent Assist decreases Average Handle Time by 27% on average.

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Solution Brief

Five9 AI Summaries

Learn more about how Five9 AI Summaries uses generative AI to automate notetaking and reduce manual work for your agents.

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Drive Higher-Value Customer Interactions

Use AI to lower costs, improve efficiency, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences that inspire loyalty throughout your contact center.

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Five9 AI Summaries Interactive Demo

Explore an example of what AI Summaries looks like embedded directly within Five9 Agent Desktop.

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