Five9 Webinars

Using AI & Automation to Enhance the Customer Journey

AI and automation have tremendous promise to improve the customer experience and reduce costs. However, doing so in a cost-effective, scalable and highly functional way isn’t trivial.

In this session we will discuss the approaches necessary to ensure that you can leverage both out-of-the-box AI functionality and advanced capabilities to ensure that you have a practical and impactful strategy when it comes to applying AI and Automation in the Contact Center.

Join CMSWire with Seth Earley, award winning author and CEO of Earley Information Science, and Peter Milligan, Senior Manager Portfolio Marketing for Five9 for this hour-long webinar. You’ll learn how to augment your customer journey with AI and automation and how to improve your customer and agent experience.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Types of chatbots, helper bots, intelligent agents and intelligent virtual assistants
  • How to identify highly repeatable target use cases for AI & Automation
  • Use of text analytics to identify tone and intent of interactions
  • Principles of information retrieval that apply to a range of applications including intelligent virtual assistants
  • How customers are using AI-powered solutions today and the benefits they provide
    Thursday, April 22nd 11:00 am PST

    How COVID-19 Has Helped Us Reimagine the Retail Experience

    It’s more important than ever to have tools in place that harness and build customer loyalty. But we cannot truly cater to our customers if we do not understand the trends driving their behavior.  

    People want more than just transactional experiences, especially after the pandemic. Shoppers want experiences that drive human connection, and they will gravitate toward brands that prioritize service as much as selling products 

    Join Melissa Gonzalez, CEO & Founder of The Lion'esque Group, an MG2 company, and Jeff Woodland, Director of Vertical Marketing at Five9 to hear how you can leverage new customer touchpoints delivered through the Contact Center to create personalized customer experiences that will differentiate your brand and create customer loyalty.

    Check out the Webinar to learn:  

    • Which customer touch points are most important when strategizing a new service experience 

    • How the Contact Center can adapt to the various new touchpoints

    • How AI, automation, omnichannel management, and remote workforce optimization can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your Contact Center

    Wednesday, April 28th 11:00 am PST

    On-Demand Webinars

    5 Proven Methods to Optimize Agent Productivity and Reduce Attrition

    Join Greg Hanover, CEO of Liveops and Tricia Yankovich, SVP of People & Human Resources at Five9, as they discuss strategies CX leaders can deploy to successfully navigate employee engagement and retention in 2021.


    Strategies to Navigate CX Demands for the Contact Center

    Join Kerry Bodine, Author & Customer Experience Thought Leader, and Darryl Addington, Director of Portfolio Marketing at Five9, as they discuss ways global leaders can catch up on past CX initiatives and strategies to meet and exceed their contact center goals in 2021.


    Digital CX Opportunities to Kickstart the New Year

    Join our guest speaker, Kate Leggett, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and Peter Milligan, Sr. Portfolio Marketing Manager at Five9, as they reveal top CX opportunities to kickstart the new year and priorities contact center leaders need to meet the demands of the new digital consumer.