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Contact Center Resources: Get to Know the Five9 Cloud

Five9’s cloud contact center solution provides greater flexibility at a fraction of the cost of on-premise systems. Find out how Five9 can activate your business.


Break Down Data Silos and Drive Fluid Experiences with Five9 Workflow Automation

Integrated data from various sources is key to creating the most personalized and efficient service possible. Making customer experiences more fluid requires crucial customer events and data to flow between systems. However, data in many contact centers exist in silos, resulting in disconnected customer experiences.

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The Intelligent CX Platform

Choosing a new contact center platform isn’t just about choosing technology. Find out how harnessing the power of people, platform, and partners can help you deliver a great experience to your customers and employees.

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SumUp Sees 50% Call Containment with Five9

For global payment processing provider SumUp, finding a partner offering voice and IVA solutions in diverse languages while automating workflows to increase self-service created a path toward improving customer experience.
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Collaborative Intelligence: Changing the Contact Center

Contact centers are feeling more pressure than ever before to integrate their systems with cutting-edge technology. Learn the industry's top trends, the challenges inhibiting customer centricity, and how to make the most of your AI.
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Intelligent CX: Deliver on the New CX Promise by Blending People & Technology

The future of CX has finally arrived, and intelligence in managing all facets of CX is a key part of it. Hardly a day goes by where creative use of AI tools such as ChatGPT don’t make headlines for the future of business and work. While technology tools such as AI play a key role, employees still play a crucial role as well.

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How to Manage and Measure Personalized Metrics with Five9 Analytics

The adage "you'e only as good as your data" holds particularly true in the context of decision-making in contact centers. By carefully collecting and analyzing the appropriate data, you can make informed decisions that benefit your organization financially and foster greater satisfaction among both your agents and customers.

Join us for a demo webinar where we'll walk through how Five9 Analytics can track and measure personalized metrics that matter to your business. In this webinar we will cover: 

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Episode 0 Webinars

Episode 0: A Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future

Building the ideal contact center for your business can be a daunting task, but at Five9, we are a team of experts in this field. One expert even wrote a book about it!   

Join Colby Clark as he interviews Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future author, Erin Wilson, and learn why you shouldn’t rush into a contact center buying decision – or do it alone. 

Additionally, you’ll learn: 

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Five9 Reports Financial Results for Q4 and Fiscal Year 2022

Five9 closed out the year with strong results for the fourth quarter and 2022. View this infographic for insights on key trends and drivers that are fueling our growth.
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Sample Chapter: Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future

Blueprint for the Contact Center of the Future uses a metaphor of building your dream home as an approach to selecting a cloud contact center. To start your journey, check out a sample chapter.

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from you flower customer video

From You Flowers Personalizes Service in All Channels

From You Flowers offers quick customer support on any channel the customer chooses: chat, email, or phone. It also prioritizes personalization to ensure each customer has the experience that’s right for them.
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Aragon Research Names Five9 a Conversational AI Leader

The Aragon Research Globe™ for Conversational AI in the Intelligent Contact Center, 2023 report identifies key trends and capabilities driving contact center AI. Aragon Research ranked Five9 highest for conversational AI strategy among 15 providers.
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Five9 Liftoff for Avaya Users Datasheet Screenshot

Datasheet Five9 Liftoff for Avaya Users

We know moving your contact center operations to the cloud can seem like a daunting task. By partnering with Five9 you can reduce any risk and make moving to the cloud easy.
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OceanFirst Bank Deploys AI for Collaborative Intelligence

OceanFirst Bank advanced its mission to deliver community-focused customer service while modernizing its contact center by replacing legacy systems and deploying AI to improve agent skill and efficiency.
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Enhance CX in Higher Education

Among higher-education decision makers, 42% consider improving the student experience a top priority.Institutions can learn how to make that happen with cloud contact center solutions.
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Collaborate Better on Five9 IVA Studio

The Five9 IVA Studio design environment provides features to boost collaboration and productivity for IVA design teams. Get more visibility into previous edits and users editing the same task.

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IVA Studio technical

Deploy FAQ Apps with Five9 IVA Studio

Learn how Google Dialogflow Knowledgebase integration on Five9 IVA Studio can enable developers to quickly deploy FAQ-style applications by simply pointing the Dialogflow agent to a web-based URL that contains a list of FAQs.
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Collaborative Development

Leverage Advanced Design Functions on Five9 IVA Studio

Learn how the JavaScript function on IVA Studio allows power developers to manipulate data and create their functions from scratch. Developers can parse, extract, and analyze input from users.
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What’s Next: Contact Center Predictions for 2023

As we near the end of 2022, it is even more evident that change is truly the only constant.  From changes in leadership to changes in buying patterns and consumer expectations 2022 has seen it all.  

Watch our fourth annual fireside chat with incoming Five9 CEO Mike Burkland and industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith as they look ahead and reveal the five major contact center predictions that will allow you to make your customer experience work for real life in 2023 and beyond.  

In this webinar, Mike and Sheila discuss:  

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Ask the Experts: Help Put Your Employees First with a 1099 Workforce

Accelerated by the pandemic and the overarching desire for more work flexibility, more people than ever have left traditional 9-5 roles in favor of striking out on their own. In fact, 1099 employees or independent contractors now make up nearly 40% of the workforce. 

This fact is no surprise to Five9 customer, NexRep and their CEO Teddy Liaw, who has been pioneering this trend since 2009 when they were founded on the mission to positively transform the lives of people working within the contact center industry. 

Deliver Fluid

Power Fluid Customer Experiences

Create the most personalized and efficient service journeys possible. Allow customers to move across channels and between virtual and live agents seamlessly, powered by advanced artificial intelligence.
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5 CX Challenges Facing Financial Services

Many financial services organizations struggle with pinpointing the challenges customers face. Learn how intelligent contact center solutions can help you boost customer satisfaction
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What Can We Learn About CX from the World of Sports with DP World Tour

When it comes to scaling customer experience, no one does it better than the sports industry. The DP World Tour has more than 45 stops in 25 different countries and engages more than 6 million viewers with onsite events, live feeds, social activations, as well as post-event content and engagement. 

Join us as we sit down with the CTO of the PGA European Tour Group, Michael Cole, and learn valuable lessons and best practices about customer experience from one of the most elite sports organizations in the world. 

Join this webinar to learn: 

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5 Tips: Integrate Microsoft Teams into Your Contact Center

Five quick tips to accelerate resolutions and improve customer experiences by seamlessly connecting agents with subject matter experts in real time, anywhere in the organization, with Microsoft Teams and Five9.
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Data Sheet Five9 Emergency Services (E911)

Support agents with direct access to 911 services regardless of their work environment – whether it is at a high-rise apartment building or a neighborhood coffee shop.
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datasheet for iva studio

Five9 IVA Studio

Build conversational and engaging voice and digital IVAs by harnessing the power of the most advanced AI technologies.

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five9 messaging

Engage Customers in Their Messaging Channel of Choice

Whether it’s using webchat, SMS/text, or social messaging apps, customers value the convenience and familiarity of messaging as a contact channel. Five9 Messaging enables your business to provide a consistent experience across the different messaging options, for both customers and agents.
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Retail customer

Five9 Transforms Business in the Retail Space

Retail companies around the world elevate their contact centers by moving to the cloud seamlessly with Five9. As these case studies show, Five9 leads the way to better CX while also creating a one-of-a-kind partnership.
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CI Demo

Fluid Customer Experience Powered by the Five9 Collaborative Intelligence Platform

When customers contact their favorite brands, they expect a seamless and effortless experience across self-service, digital, and voice. But many times, customers are made to jump through hoops to complete their journey. As a result, the customer experience is often disjointed and fragmented across various touchpoints, leaving them frustrated and leaving your brand in a negative light.   

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FR ent ccc

Frost Radar™ Report Names Five9 a Leader

Frost & Sullivan named Five9 as an Innovation and Growth Leader in the North American Enterprise Cloud Contact Center Market for 2022. The report notes Five9 strengths such as AI advancements and partner enablement.
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Five9 Analytics

Unlock the business value of your data. Tailored to the unique needs of contact centers, Five9 Analytics enables you to discover improvement opportunities so you can optimize performance quickly and easily.
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The McKesson Story: Improving the Prescription Refill Process with AI

Do your patients struggle with your prescription refill process? Are you a source of frustration vs. a helping hand? More often than not, it is painfully hard for patients to navigate obtaining prescriptions. 

Fortune 10 pharmaceutical distributor McKesson saw this problem with their patients and sought help from Five9 to alleviate their ailments.  After applying Five9 AI to their process, McKesson improved their call resolution success rate by 50%+ and saved thousands of hours of repetitive and tedious work, empowering their agents and removing customer frustration. 

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Five9 Number Reputation Management

Five9 Number Reputation Management

Improve call answer rates and increase customer trust by identifying and correcting outbound numbers that are incorrectly labeled as spam or a scam.
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Aragon Research Names Five9 a Leader

Aragon Research Globe™ for the Intelligent Contact Center 2022 report ranks Five9 as a leader based on its omnichannel support, Salesforce integration, and the strength of its conversational AI capabilities.
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Five9 Reports Financial Results for Q3 2022

Five9 reported strong third-quarter results, with revenue growth of 29% YoY. Get insights on the three main drivers for our business, specifically the strength of our platform, our continued focus up-market, and the acceleration of our international presence.
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Datasheet Five9 Adapter for Zendesk

With the Five9 Adapter for Zendesk, you can digitally transform your service organization and deliver a world-class experience for every customer interaction.

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Five9 IVA in Action: Appointment Scheduling

Use intelligent virtual agents to handle common healthcare consumer requests. While you can’t use an IVA for every request, using a virtual assistant for tasks such as setting appointments can help reduce the workload of your front-line agents.
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Five9 IVA in Action: Pharmacy Refill

Use a virtual agent to handle routine patient call-in requests to help your staff stay efficient and flexible. See how Five9 IVA handles a patient’s refill request, schedules an appointment, and answers common questions.
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The Total Economic Impact™ of Five9: Moving to a Cloud Contact Center Can Save Millions

With the pandemic receding, inflation on the rise, and a possible recession looming, now more than ever it is critical to look for ways to optimize spend and ensure a high ROI.  One way to do this for the contact center is by moving to the cloud and investing in AI and automation.  

To help companies as they navigate this journey, Five9 commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study and examine the potential ROI enterprises could experience by deploying Five9’s enterprise-ready cloud platform. 


Solving Communication Complexity with Five9 and Zoom

Boost productivity and efficiency by empowering agents with the resources they need to succeed. With Five9 and Zoom, leverage an ecosystem combining your contact center and unified communications.
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Improve Patient Loyalty via Your Contact Center

While delivering high-quality care remains the top priority for healthcare providers, 68% of patients are want better communications throughout their journey. Find out what patients want —and how to provide it.
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Five9 DataSheet Razor img

Five9 Razor Automated Testing

As evolving customer needs force your contact center to move faster, there’s a new way to keep pace. Learn how Five9 Razor can help you boost productivity while enhancing service consistency.
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Agent Supervisor

Agent and Supervisor Demo Product Tour

  • Experience the simplicity of building interactive virtual agents, during this interactive tour of Five9 Studio.
  • Create self-service tasks, customer-facing bots, and engaging, AI-powered natural language voice experiences all from this easy-to-use application.
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Studio Demo

Studio Demo Product Tour

  • Experience the simplicity of building interactive virtual agents, during this interactive tour of Five9 Studio.
  • Create self-service tasks, customer-facing bots, and engaging, AI-powered natural language voice experiences all from this easy-to-use application.
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Product Tour

Agent Assist Demo Product Tour

  • Reduce training and handle times by providing real-time coaching and guidance to your agents.
  • Explore how Five9 Agent Assist uses real-time transcription, AI, and analytics streamline your live-agent interactions during and after the call.
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Higher Standards in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management

Now more than ever, cloud-enabled technology can help healthcare providers retain and attract patients. Find out how much of a difference it can make in the billing cycle.
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Why CX Spending Plans Should Stay Bullish in 2023

Efforts to prioritize CX show no signs of slowing in 2023. Learn why in a webinar featuring Metrigy CEO & Principal Analyst Robin Gareiss and Five EVP of Service Delivery & AI Solutions Andy Dignan.
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Collaborative Intelligence E-book

As customer and employee expectations evolve, contact centers must adapt by providing intelligent customer service technology. Read this e-book to learn how collaborative intelligence develops an AI-powered workforce for today’s customers.
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Identifying Customer Frustration

 Enhancing customer engagement must involve identifying their frustration. In a special report, CCW Digital revealed some of customers’ most common pain points. We created an infographic to show you those findings.
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