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What Is the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)?

The FTC & FCC have instituted specific telemarketing and consumer privacy regulations, in particular the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The latest regulations make specific restrictions on automated dialing and mobile phone numbers. In response to the July 10th, 2015 FCC ruling, Five9 has worked with its outside legal counsel and a third-party TCPA compliance vendor to ensure that the Five9 Manual Touch Mode solution continues to comply with the latest TCPA regulations (download brief).

Five9 can help you avoid costly litigation by giving you the tools to stay compliant and still focus on driving business results. Specifically designed for TCPA, the Five9 TCPA Manual-Touch Mode is hosted on a completely separate server, removing any “capacity” to auto dial from this system. The TCPA Manual-Touch Mode requires the agent to manually initiate the call. This solution gives companies the tools they need to stay compliant and dial with confidence and still manage successful outbound calling campaigns.

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DNC Compliance

Five9 integrates with third-party scrubbing services like PossibleNOW, Contact Center Compliance, and Gryphon to check your lists against any “Do Not Call” lists.

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Up-To-Date Technology

Five9 works with outside legal counsel and third- party TCPA compliance vendors to ensure consistent compliance with the latest regulations. You’ll have experts on your side.

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Balanced Approach

Experts have evaluated Five9’s Manual Touch Mode as providing “the industry with a balance of functionality, reporting, and ATDS-related risk mitigation.”

The Five9 solution has allowed us to be compliant and adhere to FCC dialing-to-cellphone rules.
Matt Zemon
President & CEO, American Support

Datasheet: Comply with TCPA Dialing Regulations

Learn how you can leverage Five9’s Manual-Touch Mode to dial with the confidence that you are complying with all FTC and FCC regulations, including TCPA.

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Brief: TCPA Regulations And The Tools You Need To Comply

Brief: What Do You Need to Comply with TCPA?

The library of dialing regulations is vast and ever-changing, so how can you be sure that you’re complying with all FCC rules and regulations during your outbound campaigns? Learn which tools you need to gain and maintain compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and other dialing regulations, and find out how Five9 can help give you confidence in your compliance so you can focus your attention on the success of your outbound campaigns.

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