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Dial With Confidence

In response to the July 10th, 2015 FCC ruling, Five9 has worked with its outside legal counsel and a third-party TCPA compliance vendor to ensure that the Five9 Manual Touch Mode solution continues to comply with the latest TCPA regulations. Download Brief.

Dial With Confidence
Five9 empowers you to comply with the latest dialing regulations, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The Five9 Manual Touch Mode enables you to confidently adhere to compliance rules when you call your customers on their mobile phones. By partnering with Five9, you can continue to dial with confidence, even as regulations change.

TCPA Dialing Overview

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What is TCPA?
The FTC & FCC have instituted specific telemarketing and consumer privacy regulations, in particular the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The latest regulations make specific restrictions on automated dialing and mobile phone numbers. Five9 can help you avoid costly litigation by giving you the tools to stay compliant and still focus on driving business results.
Tools You Need to Comply
Specifically designed for TCPA, the Five9 TCPA Manual Touch Mode is hosted on a completely separate server, removing any “capacity” to auto dial from this system. The TCPA Manual Touch Mode requires the agent to manually initiate the call. This solution gives companies the tools they need to stay compliant and dial with confidence and still manage successful outbound calling campaigns.
Partner with Five9
Regulations often leave room for interpretation and can even change over time. By working with Five9 and our partners—like Compliance Point, which specializes in compliance—you can make informed decisions for your business. Five9 is integrated with third-party scrubbing services, like PossibleNOW, Contact Center Compliance (, and Gryphon, to ensure your lists don’t violate any “Do Not Call” lists. These companies also offer specific services for mobile phone number scrubbing and consulting services, so you always have the experts on your side.
A Balanced Approach
CompliancePoint’s vice president and general manager of the Consulting Services Compliance Practice evaluated the Five9 TCPA Manual Touch Mode solution and determined it provided “the industry with a balance of functionality, reporting and [automatic telephone dialing system] ATDS-related risk mitigation.”

Learn More About TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act)

The Five9 solution has allowed us to be compliant and adhere to FCC dialing-to-cellphone rules.

Matt Zemon, President & CEO American Support

Find out how American Support uses Five9 to adhere to FCC dialing-to-cellphone rules and the TCPA.

Data Sheet: Comply with TCPA Dialing Regulations

Five9 delivers all the tools you need to comply with the latest dialing regulations.

Brief: TCPA Regulations, And The Tools You Need To Comply

Five9 delivers all the tools you need to comply with the latest dialing regulations.

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