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Call Centre Quality Assurance

Improve Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Quality is a Top Priority

Quality Management (QM) performance within your contact centre results in happy customers, profitability, and increased revenue for your business. Give your employees what they need to ensure customers get what they want.

  • Record calls based on your business rules
  • Capture full screen recordings of the Five9 Agent Desktop
  • Encrypt and store your recordings for when you need them
  • Find, retrieve and score call recordings using pop-up survey forms
  • Comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

Higher Quality Means Happier Customers

Your customer is judging every interaction with your business. Shouldn't you?

With solutions powered by market leaders NICE® Systems and Authority Software, Five9 automates the QM process from start to finish, whether your agents, supervisors, and quality managers are remote or sitting in your contact centre.

Want to see happier customers and better business outcomes? Implement closed-loop quality management and watch your customer satisfaction rates soar.

Record Each and Every Contact
Launch your quality monitoring program with interaction recording. When you record customer interactions, you're setting up your agents for future success. It's also a great way to verify sales transactions, resolve customer issues, ensure agents’ adherence to procedures and policies, limit liability risks, and help to comply with regulatory requirements.
Evaluate Agent Performance

When you inspire agents to achieve peak performance and give them what they need, great results will follow. Five9 agent performance features give you the tools to execute your program, including:

  • Easy-to-operate wizard
  • Rich selection of question types
  • Scoring formulas, coaching, and training packages
  • Customizable, pop-up QA forms
  • Dozens of standard reports and 22 standard KPIs

Discover Enhancement Opportunities
Improve on just about everything—customer retention, sales performance, efficiencies, customer satisfaction, first contact resolution, and more—with a complete quality optimization workflow that includes:

  • Selecting and setting your KPIs
  • Defining business rules for call monitoring
  • Using dashboards and quality assurance score cards to improve performance
Implement PCI-Based Privacy Controls

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires that stored audio recordings not include sensitive authentication data, including credit card validation codes (CAV2, CVC2, CVV2, or CID).

PCI Audio Trim – Powered by Authority helps you comply with this requirement by allowing you to to redact sensitive audio from call recordings prior to storage.

Learn More About Call Centre Quality Assurance

Data Sheet: Quality Management

Want to know more about our comprehensive solution that will make your company stand out in the marketplace? Download the Five9 QM datasheet.