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Achieve Balance with Workforce Management

Making customers wait can hurt business. Overstaffing can hurt profitability. Achieve the right balance between customer satisfaction and contact center efficiencies with Five9 Workforce Management solutions.

Workforce Management Workforce Management

Manage Your Contact Center by
the Numbers

Striking the right balance between a great customer experience and optimizing costs is no easy task. Your mission: Achieve optimal agent coverage for your contact center with the fewest possible resources, while achieving key performance indicator (KPI) goals. Managing both sides of the equation—your staff and your customers—can’t be done on the fly and manual processes are inefficient. You need workforce automation tools and Five9 has the solution.

We’ve partnered with NICE® Systems to host their market-leading IEX WFM software, so you can have the best tools to calibrate your contact center operations with optimum results, including:

  • The right number of agents
  • Steady occupancy
  • Minimized overtime
  • Accurate forecasts of traffic volume
  • Low abandon rate
  • Change management

Better Forecasting to Lower Costs

Five9 WFM solutions, powered by NICE Systems, benefit any contact center environment.

Even in large, enterprise contact centers distributed across disparate locations, or in operations staffed with at-home agents, you’ve got forecasting and scheduling tools to help you build an accurate staffing model for how many agents to hire and schedule. By automatically collecting automatic call distribution (ACD) and outbound dialer historical data from the Five9 Virtual Contact Center Platform, you can better align resource needs and calling patterns to keep your labor costs to a minimum.

Ensure service levels and customer satisfaction by staying on top of agent adherence, whether they’re remote or on-premise, with insight into agent activities and real-time alerts when agents exceed thresholds.

Raise First-Contact Resolution

With Five9 skills-based routing, you can plan your workforce around “smart-skilling” to ensure callers are routed to the best agents with the right skills to address their needs quickly.

Manage Change and Schedule
Special Events

Change is inevitable and sometimes you’ve got to respond to change in real-time. The Five9 WFM system’s change management tools help to proactively manage the day’s events, and quickly respond to changing conditions to maintain service level agreements and agent adherence.

Make Your Agents Happier

Improve agent satisfaction and give them empowering tools to schedule preferences, request time off, trade schedules, and view performance.

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Learn More

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