The Benefits of Workforce Optimization in the Call Center

Workforce Optimization, often referred to as WFO, is a powerful suite of products for managing the call and contact center workforce to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction while simultaneously lowering operating costs. These core WFO applications are generally considered to be:

In 2016 Gartner introduced a related concept called Workforce Engagement Management, also known as WEM. This also includes the core WFO applications with additional applications designed to increase agent engagement. WEM is growing in popularity, yet it is often used interchangeably with WFO. Since workforce optimization is a subset of workforce engagement management, we will continue to focus specifically on WFO for the rest of this article.

Workforce optimization delivers substantial benefits to the call center as a business, both strategically and operationally:

Strategic Benefits:

Operational Benefits:

In addition to these overall business benefits, there are specific benefits to agents and supervisors.

Benefits for Agents:

Benefits for Supervisors:

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