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Predictive Dialer Enhances Productivity

The Five9 Predictive Dialer offers best-in-class performance, engineered from the ground up for the Five9 Virtual Contact Center Platform. Based on patented, innovative technology, Five9's dialing software delivers productivity gains of more than 300%.

Predictive Dialer

Compound Your Contact Ratios

Making contact with leads and improving contact ratios is always at the top of the list of sales priorities. Calculate it and see how many manual dial attempts it takes to reach a live contact. Then introduce the automated dialing capabilities that Five9 provides. With Five9, your outbound agents will reach more prospects, uncover more opportunities, and close more sales.

Three Times Greater Productivity, Three Times Greater Sales Potential

Five9 triples the amount of time agents are productively connecting with live prospects and having real conversations that yield greater revenue. Through automated dialing that detects and filters busy signals, fax machines, voice mail, disconnected lines, and no-answers, agents have more talk time and less dead time. Studies indicate 48 minutes of talk time per hour versus 15 minutes of talk time with manual dialing. That’s a 300+% improvement.

The Five9 Predictive Dialer can increase productivity by 300%.

Scale Up for Greater Efficiency

Predictive dialing solutions use mathematical formulas to calculate the pace of dialing so that agent idle time is kept to a minimum. The more agents using the system, the greater the sample size to more accurately predict the agents' availability. As the dialing software learns, it dynamically adjusts the dialing rate up or down to improve its precision.  This equates to less idle time, enhanced productivity levels, and increased ROI.

The Best Options for High-Productivity Campaigns

Predictive Dialer

This Five9 solution is a must-have for companies looking to optimize their outbound contact center. And, with the built-in Dropped Calls Setting, administrators can track and adjust each campaign’s abandoned call percentage to make fewer dropped calls.

Progressive Dialer

For outbound contact centers wanting to control the calls made when agents become available, the progressive dialing solution only begins dialing when agents become ready for calls and works best for operations with fewer agents.

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Five9 Predictive Dialer outperforms other solutions, and with three phone lines per agent as part of our standard offering, customers realize unsurpassed levels of productivity.

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Predictive Dialers Explained

A predictive dialer is an automated telephone dialing system that enables call center agents to dramatically increase their number of live connections. Predictive dialers connect agents only to calls that are actually answered by people, freeing agents from the need to listen to unanswered calls, busy signals, disconnected lines, or answers from fax machines, answering machines and other automatic services.

Predictive dialers use mathematical formulas to predict both the average time it will take for calls to be answered and agent availability, and adjusts the dialing rate accordingly. A predictive dialer learns to anticipate when agents will become available and speeds up and slows down the dialing rate accordingly. A good predictive dialer can also analyze unsuccessful calls to determine if the number needs to be called back later or requires special handling, such as a manual call by an agent.