Network Infrastructure

Carrier-Grade Telephony Infrastructure

Five9 deploys a carrier-grade, high-availability telephony infrastructure and voice network of connected carriers.

The Five9 telephony layer utilizes a best-of-breed telephony switching, routing, and security platform known as a Session Border Controller (SBC) for voice over IP calling traffic, as well as a multiple interexchange carrier routing protocol that utilizes over a dozen Tier 1 domestic and global telephony providers to route telephone calls to destinations all over the world.

The switching and routing platform is a high-availability topology which has full redundancy capabilities within the same geographic location, as well as automatic failover to devices in other Five9 data centers in other geographic locations, making the platform highly available and geographically diverse.

The telephony carrier environment utilizes multiple carrier choices for each inbound calling location or termination destination with advanced routing capabilities. This allows for automatic distribution of calls to carriers such that if one or many carriers are having network impairments, calls will automatically route to other, non-impacted providers offering the best quality calling platform in the industry.

Five9 is a toll-free provider and a Responsible Organization (Resp Org) within the Service Management System (SMS), the governing body controlling toll-free 8XX numbers in North America. Having this designation allows us to obtain toll-free numbers for customers (random or vanity), port numbers from other carriers, and control routing of toll-free numbers without intervention from another provider. This means Five9 can make changes, on the fly if necessary, to customers’ 800, 888, etc. numbers to move between inbound carriers or change the destination of those numbers quickly.

The telephony platform is monitored at all times by the always-on Five9 Network Operations Center (NOC), which has locations in the US and Eurasia and is staffed by dedicated, Five9 employees. Although the platform is self-healing, having a trained technician watching the environment is critical to deliver a 24x7xforever environment to successfully maintain and grow customers’ contact center businesses.

IP Network

The Five9 IP Network Infrastructure is built to support the most stringent requirements in terms of robustness and security. Many of our customers must comply with data protection laws, regulations, and industry standards in various jurisdictions throughout the world. As such, the Five9 platform offers world-class security features and resiliency.

The Five9 IP topology consists of redundant Layer 3 switches, routers, and firewalls, as well as intrusion detection and protection systems used by many of the top security experts worldwide. All hardware is redundant with load sharing front-end and back-end switches, routers, and firewalls.

Additionally, all connections to the Internet are route diverse with Tier 1 providers.


The Five9 IT infrastructure solution provides our customers with fast, reliable, and secure access to their respective call center applications. Five9 supports a variety of connectivity options that our customers are able to leverage. A list of the more commonly used connections includes:

  • Internet
  • Point to Point – Dedicated Connection
  • Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Agent Connect Managed Solutions


At Five9, we’re committed to providing our customers with the very best service possible by embracing change and challenging the status quo, providing our customers:

  • Geographic redundant datacenter solutions
  • Top-tier redundant data circuits, optimized to provide customer throughputs reaching 80Gbps
  • A host of top-tier data providers or the option to leverage a fully managed end-to-end solution


Five9 delivers high performance that you can count on. Our Network Infrastructure Evaluation and Planning Service offers:

  • Comprehensive network/system security assessments
  • Network analysis, planning, and design
  • System testing and implementation


Five9’s holistic approach to security ensures multiple layers of security are present to detect and mitigate real or potential threats throughout the OSI stack utilizing:

  • Web application and next-generation firewalls
  • Intrusion prevention and detection systems
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning internally and externally
  • Routine firmware updates and testing to minimize vulnerabilities

The security and technology risk management experts at Five9 continuously assess the threat levels of the Five9 infrastructure to maximize the level of security integrity offered to our customers, providing them with the level of service they expect and deserve.