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Unify Five9 and Service Cloud Voice

Boost efficiency with real-time intelligence and automation.

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Delivering Amazing Experiences Together

Combine the power of Five9 seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget to empower your contact centre with real-time intelligence and automation. Enable agents with Einstein AI, real-time transcription, and next best action to elevate customer service. 

Reduce the learning curve and empower agents to focus on customers with a single, intuitive user interface to simplify the user experience and manage all customer interactions.

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Improve Efficiency and Enhance CX

  • Unite CCaaS and CRM Data

    Seamlessly combine contact centre metadata within Service Cloud Voice for a complete, current view of each customer: communication history, preferences, and previous interactions.

  • Automate Intelligently

    Accelerate call resolution with Einstein AI, equipping agents with real-time transcription and next best action, automating manual tasks, and keeping agents focused on customers.

  • Empower Supervisors

    Monitor contact centre operations to improve quality assurance and leverage embedded call recordings to identify customer sentiment, training opportunities, and risk management.

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Explore feature enhancements with Service Cloud Voice BYOT to optimize customer engagement.

Resources To Help You Get Started

Data Sheet

Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT

Combine the power of Five9 telephony seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-Channel widget to provide a single, intuitive user interface and capture every customer interaction.


Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT

Discover how Five9 integrates with Salesforce Omni-Channel, using Five9 voice and Einstein AI for real-time insights, streamlined workflows, and exceptional customer service.


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Customer loyalty and revenue are at stake more than ever when interacting with your customer service organization.

We’ll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.

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Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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