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Five9 GenAI Studio

Leverage a centralized hub for building, deploying, and testing GenAI-powered applications.

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The Next Frontier in GenAI-Powered Innovation

Unparalleled Customization

Deliver personalized, relevant interactions by tailoring prompts to specific use cases and using contextual customer data.

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Greater Control, Flexibility

Customize prompts, fine-tune models, and adapt to changing business needs for close alignment with organizational goals and needs.

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Responsible AI

Provide precise control and monitoring of GenAI outputs using customers’ trusted data and generative AI models.

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Unlock the Potential of GenAI for CX

With its ability to generate human-like responses and insights, GenAI is revolutionizing customer interaction. But when these features come with predefined models and prompts, they don’t align with your company’s unique needs. 

Five9 offers GenAI Studio, a user-friendly, low-code generative AI model and prompt management hub, powering all Five9 AI applications. It brings unparalleled customization, control, and responsible AI to customer experiences.

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Potential AI

Accelerate Time to Value for GenAI Applications

  • Engine-Agnostic Layer

    Choose from a variety of Generative AI models to match unique business needs, whether third-party or proprietary.

  • Knowledge and Personalization with Customer Data

    Integrate customer data for tailored responses and guidance within GenAI Studio.

  • Testing, Monitoring, and Observability

    Test, monitor, and improve Generative AI models with real call data for controlled outputs.

  • Prompt Library and Management

    Access a library of sample prompts to expedite development without extensive prompt engineering knowledge.

  • Powering all Five9 GenAI Applications

    GenAI Studio drives all Five9 AI applications, initially focusing on Agent Assist AI Summaries with customizable features for output control.

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See how conversational and GenAI can elevate business metrics and drive operational efficiencies.


We’re just scratching the surface of the automated AI environments. I look forward to seeing how Five9 can solve our business problems.

Resources To Help You Get Started


Intro Webinar

Get an introduction to the hottest tech in the last decade: large language models (LLMs), GPT-3, and ChatGPT.


Frost & Sullivan Report

Harness the potential of GenAI in your contact center by learning how LLMs can improve CX for organizations of all sizes.


Five9 AI Summaries

Learn how Five9 AI Summaries uses generative AI to automate notetaking and reduce manual work for your agents.

We’ll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.

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Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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Customer Experience

Connect to customers and solve their problems the first time.

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Agent Empowerment

Empower your agents so they can focus on delivering a more human experience.

Agent Empowerment

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Manage your agents with empathy while delivering impact to the business.

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