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Outbound and Call and CX Software

Communicating with customers proactively is a hallmark of a great customer experience. Yet many organizations attempt it with systems that are disconnected, which forces agents to log off the inbound work and log in to do outbound work. Five9 offers inbound, outbound, and blended contact center offerings that make it natural and easy to communicate with customers reactively or proactively.

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Powerful Solutions That Meet Your Business’ Needs

Five9 offers the outbound capabilities your business needs to stay in touch with customers and communicate with prospects. From TCPA compliant systems to predictive dialers, Five9 will help you choose and implement the right capabilities for your business.

Five9 outbound works seamlessly with our inbound Digital Engagement channels. The blended capabilities allow agents to move between inbound and outbound calling based on inbound traffic flow with no disruption. The result is a more efficient, proactive workforce – and a better customer experience.

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Improve Sales Performance and Empower Your Agents

  • Predictive Dialer

    The Five9 Predictive Dialer automates outbound dialing and increases the amount of time your agents spend talking to real prospects and customers, instead of dialing numbers.

  • Power Dialer

    If you have a small number of sales executives and a large number of prospects you need to contact quickly, the Five9 Power Dialer is perfect for your business.

  • Progressive Dialer

    Contact centers that prefer to avoid dropped outbound calls typically use progressive dialing, which automatically dials one customer per available agent.

  • Preview Dialing

    Preview Dialing is typically used in contact centers where agents need to familiarize themselves with the context of the customer relationship or the last contact just before dialing.

  • TCPA Manual Touch Mode

    TCPA Manual Touch Mode enhances preview dialing by removing self-operating dialing without agent involvement.

  • Certified Caller (STIR/SHAKEN)

    Certified Caller digitally validates the handoff of phone calls passing through the complex web of networks, allowing the phone company of the consumer receiving the call to verify that a call is in fact from the number displayed on Caller ID.

  • Number Reputation Management

    Protect the reputation of your phone numbers and calling identity by establishing your status as a verified Identity and registering your phone numbers with Five9, resulting in immediate ROI by the removal of invalid Fraud/SCAM and SPAM labeling.

  • Emergency Call Services (E911)

    E911 supports direct dialing of 911 in support of FCC and CRTC policies and regulations, providing compliant emergency calling solution for emergency outbound calls within the US, US territories and Canada.

  • Campaign and List Management

    Five9 Campaign and List Management capabilities offer robust features that track your sales process and produce greater efficiencies.

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With Five9, we have literally been doubling our year-over-year growth.

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CRM Integration

  • Salesforce
  • ServiceNow
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Zendesk

Dialer Technologies

  • Predictive Dialer
  • Power Dialer
  • Progressive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer
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Business Efficiency

  • Local Caller ID
  • Quality monitoring
  • Real-time and historical reporting
  • Performance management
  • Dashboards
  • Gamification
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Compliant Dialer Technologies

  • TCPA Manual Touch
  • Real-Time DNC list management
  • Time zone rules dialing
  • Certified Caller (STIR/SHAKEN)

Agent Efficiency

  • Agent scripting
  • Disposition timers and redials
  • Answering machine detection
  • Automatic voicemail
  • Vertical dialing mode
  • List penetration dialing mode

Customer Experience

  • Web callback
  • CRM/CTI screen pop

We’ll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.

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Five9 Outbound Contact Center

Improve decision-making with a single view of operational performance in real time across multiple systems.


Five9 Certified Caller (STIR/SHAKEN)

With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States taking action to protect against robocalls, Five9 is taking a leadership position to ensure Five9 customers can confidently and securely make outbound calls.


Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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Connect to customers and solve their problems the first time.

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Empower your agents so they can focus on delivering a more human experience.

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