Five9 Outbound Contact Center

Improve your sales performance and empower your agents to be more productive.

Five9 supports a number of outbound automation capabilities to help you maximize selling time. Whether your sales organization is B2B, B2C, high volume, low volume or highly automated, the Five9 solution can help you empower your agents and close more sales.


  • Automated Dialer Technologies
    - Predictive Dialer
    - Power Dialer
    - Progressive Dialer
    - Preview Dialer
    - TCPA Manual Touch Mode
  • Campaign & List Management
  • CTI Screen Pop
  • CRM Integrations
    - Salesforce
    - Oracle
    - Zendesk
    - Microsoft Dynamics
    - ServiceNow
  • Web Callback
  • Agent Scripting
  • Real-Time DNC List Management
  • FTP Data Import
  • Outbound Call Priority
  • Disposition Timers and Redials
  • Answering Machine Detection
  • Automatic Voicemail Laydown
  • Time Zone Rules Dialing
  • Vertical Dialing Mode
  • List Penetration Dialing Mode
  • Local Caller ID
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Voice Recording
  • Standard and Custom Reports
  • Remote Agents
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