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Five9 Outbound: Leverage Your Contact Center Resources

Five9 Inbound Call & Contact Center Solutions: Deliver Great Customer Service

Turn your Contact Center into a Money Maker

Outbound call centers are designed to reach out to customers or prospects to provide information on a new product or service, follow up on recent purchase, or remind your customers of an upcoming appointment. With an outbound contact center, it is vitally important that agents are not spending time dialing the phone only to get an unanswered call, a hang up or voicemail. This decreases productivity and increases costs.

Five9 automated dialing solutions offer you a range of customizable dialing modes to align with your outbound contact center needs. Advanced dialer algorithms predict when an agent will become available and adjust call rates to ensure a new call is waiting for them. Agents don’t waste time dialing and waiting. The dialers automatically screen out unanswered calls, hang-ups, and leave voicemails. Agents spend more time interacting with customers and prospects – increasing productivity and revenue.

Five9 offers inboundoutbound and blended contact center offerings, enabling your company to choose the right solution to meet your business requirements.

Predictive Dialer Graph

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer

The Five9 Predictive Dialer calculates the number of calls to dial based on connect rates, real-time data, and historical agent statistics.

Power Dialer

Power Dialer

The Five9 Power Dialer continuously dials at a fixed number of calls per available agent, but only as agents are ready to take calls.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive Dialer

The Five9 Progressive Dialer provides a variable calls-to-agent ratio that determines how many calls the system needs to place as agents become available.

Preview Dialer

Preview Dialer

Preview dialing mode allows organizations to determine the order of the calls for agents to work on. Agents can then review customer contact records prior to the preview dialer placing the call.

TCPA Compliance

TCPA Compliance

Safeguards prevent any automated dialing not in compliance with Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulations.

With Five9, we have literally been doubling our year-over-year growth.

Teddy Liaw

CEO, NexRep

Datasheet: Five9 Inbound Voice

Business moves fast; so should your contact center. Learn how the robust features of Five9 Inbound Contact Center can help you take your customer service to the next level.

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Outbound Contact Center Software Features

  • ACD with Call Distribution Algorithms
  • Skills-Based Routing
  • Priority Routing
  • Time-of-Day Routing
  • Voicemail Routing
  • Web & Queue
  • Incoming Call Whisper
  • Toll-Free Numbers
  • IVR with Intuitive Script Designer
  • IVR Scheduling
  • Professional Prompts for Self-Service
  • Text-to-Speech & Speech Recognition
  • In-Queue & Estimated Wait Time
  • CTI Screen Pop
  • Post-Call Surveys
  • CRM Integrations
  • Agent Desktop
  • Contact Database
  • Softphone
  • Call Recording
  • At-Home Agent Capabilities
  • Easy-to-Use Administration Tools
  • Real-Time, Historical, & Custom Reports
  • Drag & Drop Script Design
  • Agent Scripting

Englishtown: Learn How the Predictive Dialer Increased Contact Center Efficiency by 40%

Five9 customer Englishtown struggled with a low calling rate and manual dialing until switching to Five9. Thanks to the Predictive Dialer, Englishtown agents now make more calls per day — a boost in speed that is leading to big gains in closing rates.

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Why Five9?

Now more than ever, the contact center is the front door for many businesses.
At Five9, we are on a mission to help transform your contact center to meet customers’ heightened expectations while engaging and empowering your agents to deliver more human experiences.

Customer First

Customer First

Achieve success with our business results approach to sales, implementation, and service.

Completely Customizable

Completely Customizable

Adapt the cloud contact center to the needs of your business - not the other way around.

Reliable & Secure

Reliable & Secure

Count on guaranteed uptime, crystal clear voice, and the most stringent levels of security.

Empower Your Agents

Empower Your Agents

Make it easy for your agents to deliver the superior experience your customers want.

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