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Reimagine Customer Experience with Workflow Automation

how to find automation opportunities in your contact center

Automation is transforming the way contact centers connect with customers, paving the way for companies to reimagine customer experience. And with many organizations facing acute staffing shortages, automation holds more appeal than ever.

So, what kinds of tasks can be automated and where and how do you begin? Getting started with workflow automation doesn’t have to be daunting. We show you the kinds of tasks and processes that can be quickly and effectively automated, freeing up agents from repetitive, low value-add activities so they have more time to deliver high-value, personalized customer service to those who need it.

This eBook outlines:

  • How to conduct discovery to identify the low hanging fruit
  • How to prioritize automation opportunities
  • The best way to get started (hint: start small, then expand and optimize)
  • The most important features to look for in a contact center workflow automation solution, including ease of use, API integration, and multichannel
  • How to calculate your potential cost savings by automating workflows

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