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Supervisor Desktop

Support your contact center more effectively with Five9 Supervisor Desktop.

From monitoring key metrics and calls to providing real-time feedback and coaching agents, contact center managers have a lot of responsibilities throughout the day. They also have to manage the overall team and keep track of communication channels across an omnichannel solution. The Five9 Supervisor Desktop provides a single interface to help them throughout their busy day. A 360-degree view of the contact center that helps managers tailor support for their entire team.

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Efficiently Manage Your Contact Center for Maximum Productivity

The Five9 Supervisor Desktop is browser-based and completely customizable, letting supervisors monitor and measure specific contact center operations in real time. Dashboard views allow supervisors to monitor agent state by channel and make adjustments based on current conditions. In addition, custom alerts help supervisors quickly identify when certain SLAs or KPIs are not being met so resources can be reallocated.

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Enable Your Supervisors to Empower Your Agents with the Right Tools

  • Monitor Agent Quality with WFO Integration

    Empower your supervisors to better manage their team’s success with workforce optimization tools. Give them seamless access to view schedules and adherence, perform evaluations, manage requests, monitor their entire team’s desktop activity, and more.

  • Monitor Team

    Supervisors can actively monitor all aspects of the team including current agent state by channel, number of calls in queue, wait times, campaign status, etc.

  • Help Agents in Real Time

    Supervisors can monitor agents in real time and help as needed. They can listen, silently coach and monitor actions in real time. If needed supervisors can intervene on a call to help.

  • Solve Issues When Exceptions Occur

    Supervisors can use real-time monitoring and multi-conditional alerts to quickly identify issues that may impact customer service and take corrective actions.

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98% of people believe customer experience is crucial for their business to retain customers.

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Multi-Conditional Alerts

  • Set alerts for specific performance markers across all channels
  • React quickly when SLAs are not being met
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Campaign and Agent/User Management

  • Start and stop campaigns
  • Reset list dispositions and manage agent skills
  • Logout users, send test calls, and monitor agents in real time
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Shareable Supervisor Settings

  • Supervisors can share settings to help standardize management practices
  • Create uniform administration across contact centers
  • Share best practices
  • Send broadcast messages between supervisors, agents, and administrators for improved communication
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WFO Integration

  • View and manage schedules and adherence
  • Manage time off requests, voluntary time off, shift bids, changes, swaps, and agent disputes
  • View and evaluate assigned interactions
  • Review and edit completed evaluations
  • Virtually monitor their entire team’s desktop activity
  • Listen in on live calls (voice and screen) and evaluate
  • Review and annotate voice and screen recordings

Five9 is a great resource. The product is easy to use and allows us to effectively manage our call center operations. From the reporting to real-time data, Five9 helps meet our customer needs. They are also quick to reply and assist with any administration functions we need assistance with.

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Five9 Supervisor Plus

Five9’s Supervisor Plus gives supervisors access to real-time data and the ability to customize their experience, making it easier to monitor and motivate staff and manage contact center resources.

We’ll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.

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Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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