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Five9 Customer Service Index 2021

Report Five9 Customer Service Index 2021

When it Comes to Customer Service, Phone is Still King
Five9 Customer Service Index 2021 survey reveals preferences vary by age, geography

To help businesses better understand the current state of customer service, Five9 partnered with Zogby Analytics to survey 2,048 consumers in seven countries. Now in its fifth year, the Five9 Customer Service Index provides data and insights to help businesses better meet their customers’ changing needs and expectations.

Read the survey analysis to gain insight into customer sentiment in 2021:

  • Why customers overwhelmingly prefer phone for urgent or sensitive issues.
  • What’s more important to which demographic: getting the right answer even if it takes more time, or getting an answer quickly?
  • Which customers are most likely to stop doing business with a company after a poor customer experience?
  • How channel preference varies by age and nationality.

Report Five9 Customer Service Index 2021