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Microsoft Teams & Five9 Contact Centre Software

Bridge the gap between contact centre agents and subject matter experts in real-time, anywhere in the organisation.

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Accelerate Issue Resolution and Improve Customer Experiences with Microsoft Teams

Utilising Five9 with Microsoft Teams integration accelerates the path to first contact resolution while optimising the customer’s experience. Customers gain confidence in your business as agents can connect directly to subject matter experts in real-time using an embedded at-a-glance directory to see individual availability. Agents can easily identify the right expert, understand their availability, and click to contact them.

Five9 and Microsoft Teams can help you deliver a delightful, continuous experience. Agents instantly see experts’ availability and are enabled to connect everyone together in real-time—without searching, waiting, or losing the customer.

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Accelerate Issue Resolution and Improve Customer Experiences with Microsoft Teams

Five9 and Microsoft Teams: Delivering Exceptional Experiences

  • Real-Time Collaboration Across the Organisation

    View the presence and availability of experts in real time through an "at-a-glance" directory with the ability to click-to-call, conference, or transfer the call.

  • Five9 and Microsoft Teams Consolidated Directory

    Agents can view a consolidated directory of agents and subject matter experts in their company, identified by department, so agents can quickly find the right expert.

  • Seamlessly Move Calls Toll-Free

    Calls to a business that require contact centre attention can be easily transferred to the right skill group or group of agents. Conversely, calls to the contact centre can be transferred to Microsoft Teams users without incurring additional toll charges.

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93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service.


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With the Five9 integration with Microsoft Teams, we were able to put our customers and prospects in touch with our subject matter experts and account managers immediately, directly enhancing the overall customer experience. We’ve been able to spend less time searching for the right expert and refocus our attention to providing the right answers to customers in real time.

Agent-Expert Consultation

Agent-Expert Consultation

  • Consolidated directory of Five9 and Microsoft Teams subject matter experts
  • Agents have direct access to connect with subject matter experts
  • Identify users by department to quickly find the right expert
  • At-a-glance" directory providing presence information
  • Click-to-call, conference, or transfer a call
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Telephony Connect

  • Automatically redirect general calls to the contact centre
  • Redirect to the correct skill groups in the contact centre
  • Toll-free on-net calling, conferencing, and transfers

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Integrate with Microsoft Teams to enable agents to resolve customer questions quickly and easily or consult with experts seamlessly.

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Integrate with Microsoft Teams to enable agents to quickly and easily resolve customer questions or consult with experts seamlessly.

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