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Auto Dialer Software & Solutions for Contact Centres

The right dialer can elevate your proactive engagement, a hallmark of great customer service. Five9 auto dialer systems help your business connect with more customers and prospects, and boost agent productivity.

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Benefits of Auto Dialer

Implementing an auto dialer provides key benefits to your business.

  • Reduce agent idle time and increase productivity by better aligning staffing levels with calling rates.
  • Boost connection rates with answering machine detection, certified caller, and other advanced technologies.
  • Avoid dialing errors caused by manually dialing numbers.

How It Works

Whether your business uses outbound dialers to drive sales or connect with customers, Five9 will partner with you to create the right outbound dialing strategy for your unique needs. Five9 auto dialer solutions support multiple dialing modes to align with your unique business needs and requirements, including a TCPA-compliant solution.

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Types of Auto Dialer Systems

  • Predictive Dialers

    Use advanced algorithms to predict agent availability and adjust dial rates accordingly. Best for when more than 10 active agents are available.

  • Progressive Dialers

    Adaptively control dialing pace based on campaign performance. Appropriate when fewer than 10 active agents are available.

  • Power Dialers

    Dial a user-configured number of calls per available agent and automatically adjust based on abandon rates. Best for a small number of agents with large calling volumes.

  • Preview Dialers

    Automatically deliver each contact record to agents and provide them with customer history from your CRM before dialing. Allows for higher levels of personalisation.

  • TCPA Dialer

    Disable automated dialing and let agents decide whether to manually dial each contact or skip to the next one.

  • Certified Caller (STIR/SHAKEN)

    Validate the handoff of phone calls between networks and allow carriers to verify that a call is from the indicated Caller ID.

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