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5 CX Trends for 2024

5 CX Trends for 2024

As the year draws to a close, it's time for customer experience professionals from around the world to anticipate the top CX trends that will shape the contact centre landscape in the coming year.

In this fireside chat, our Five9 experts reflect on the developments of 2023 and unveil the five CX trends that will empower your contact centre strategy for success in 2024. We're joined by Nick Delis, Senior Vice President, International Sales, Five9 and Thomas John, Vice President, Partners, EMEA & International, Five9. 

In this discussion, you will discover: 

  • How customer experience trends have evolved over the past year.
  • Why organisations are harnessing AI to elevate their CX offering.
  • The five transformative contact centre trends that will position you at the forefront of 2024 and beyond.

Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your CX strategy is aligned with the demands of tomorrow's customers.


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