Practical AI

AI is no longer a far-off concept, but a practical, useful way to optimise productivity, achieve greater accuracy, and drive better business outcomes in contact centres. Five9 Agent Assist focuses on practical AI to solve business challenges and provide tangible ROI for today’s contact centre. Five9 Agent Assist provides agents with transcripts and call summaries automatically, dramatically reducing after call work. Knowledge base articles and coaching allow agents to focus on the customer while reducing call handle times for a win-win.

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Your Agent’s New Best Friend

Agent Assist helps your agents focus on the customer by automatically providing transcriptions and call summaries. In addition, automated real-time coaching and knowledge base sharing helps agents accurately and efficiently provide customers with the information they need.

Real-time call transcription means agents can spend more time listening and less time capturing information so they can give customers the attention they deserve. Detailed call summaries save agents time on after call work. Once a call is complete, the summary is automatically added to the CRM system or database of choice.

Agent Assist provides real-time coaching by listening to each call and prompting agents with relevant reminders. Coaching can help keep your company compliant with standards like HIPAA or automate transactions like setting up a service ticket.

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Powerful New AI Capabilities Applied Practically

AI Made Easy

Five9 Agent Assist extends the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Centre to generate practical, real-time results without the typical teams of data scientists or business analysts.

Powered by Google CCAI

Five9 Agent Assist is powered by Google Cloud and Google CCAI technology, which provides best in class speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities.

Highly Accurate Results with Little Effort

Call transcription and summaries from Agent Assist are accurate, consistent, and detail-orientated. Auto-generated summaries greatly reduce during and after call work.

Agent Assistance the Way it is Meant to Be – In Real Time

Real-time coaching and knowledge base integration provide agents with information to help them be more effective, while helping your customers with timely, accurate content based on their call.

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51% of the workforce believes that voice assistants will transform how they work.

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With all the calls coming through our contact centre, it’s not practical for us to listen to every call. On the other hand, knowing what our agents are talking about with customers is critical to understanding the transaction and the larger trends our customers are dealing with. With Five9 Agent Assist, agents had an easier time dealing with customers which resulted in shorter call times. Customer asks were easier to identify and trends across the contact centre were easier to see. Also, our accuracy to adherence for our DNC list improved thanks to the AI.

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Real-Time Performance

  • Real-time call transcription, call summarisation, and automatic synchronisation with CRM save time

Real-Time Assistance

  • Real-time coaching and knowledge base integration guide agents to provide great customer service


  • Advanced AI engine achieves what was once impossible with real-time speed and accuracy


  • Syncs with every major CRM platform, saving agents tonnes of time processing after-call-work

Practical AI

  • Easy to train, manage, and measure accuracy of AI models

Call Insight

  • AI reports provide immediate insight into call topics, script adherence, compliance adherence, and other quality metrics

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Five9 Agent Assist

Learn how Five9 Agent Assist helps your agents provide a more human experience by using AI and machine learning technology.

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Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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