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Unify Omnichannel Student Communication

Reimagine the Student Experience and Deliver Results


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Watch Five9 OneStudent Simplify Student Recruitment

Quickly build meaningful connections with prospective students to gain an advantage in recruiting with Five9 OneStudent.

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Student Experience Five9

Engage Students or Prospects on Their Channel of Choice

Whether it's voice, SMS/text, email, web chat, video, or social apps, Five9 harmonizes these diverse channels into one fluid, student-centric experience.

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Provide Self-Service

Empower students to answer their questions on their own time using easy-to-use intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), visual IVRs, or standard IVRs.


Have Faster Conversations

Route interactions to a student’s advisor, admissions officer, or financial aid manager using information gleaned from the AI, IVR, or school database.

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Communicate Proactively

Automate communications on the preferred channel, such as alerts about financial aid and enrollment periods.


Be Omnichannel

Connect with students on their channel of choice — voice, email, web chat, SMS, video, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.

Agent Experience Five9

Empower your team to provide exceptional student engagement.

Your higher education contact centre or call centre services team may be staffed by professionals or part-time students. The key to your team's communication and success is keeping them focused on the student, parent, or alumni graduates and quickly engaging them for recruiting, assistance, or fundraising without the distraction of switching between applications or answer searching.

Watch the video Five9 Knows Education for an overview of how Five9 can improve your institution’s contact center operations.

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Work from Anywhere

Make it easy for your team to work from your office, their home office, or their dorm rooms while having a real-time connection to supervisors and work peers.

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Intuitive Controls

Provide a single easy-to-use agent console that centralizes omnichannel conversations, controls, screen pops, and peer presence.


Enable Gamification

Provide staff with student information and conversational context during interactions with pre-built integrations to your CRM, knowledge base, and other key systems.


Faster Conversations

Use AI to listen to conversations in real time and make prompt recommendations or auto-complete case work during interactions for shorter calls.

Management Experience Five9

Improve Performance with Actionable Insight

What gets measured, gets managed. Higher education contact centers need actionable data at their fingertips. Five9 OneStudent provides a wide set of applications to improve real-time control, adhere to your standards, and predict demand on advisor resources.

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System status

Run Agile Operations

Rapidly scale operations during peak times, such as early and standard admissions periods, and react to rapidly changing conditions such as flu or severe weather.


Coach Advisors

Monitor any conversation, even if working from home. Use AI-powered coaching to boost efficiency.


Introduce Gamification

Bring fun and competition to your team while spurring better performance.


Optimize Schedules

Schedule the right number of contact center staff throughout the day to keep operations running smoothly, using powerful workforce management tools.

Be available anywhere, anytime while reducing your IT workload.

Migrate to the Cloud and Reduce Your IT Burden

Consolidate all your contact center administration into one cloud-based solution while meeting key industry standards such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002, and HIPAA.

Read the case study to learn how Five9 enabled the University of Akron to rapidly transition to online contact center operations.

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Keep a Small Footprint

Get advisors up and running quickly and inexpensively. All they need is a USB headset, a computer, and an internet connection.


Integrate Systems

Easily connect your solution using pre-built integrations with leading student information systems like Blackboard or popular CRMs.


Remain Flexible

Quickly change your IVR or AI solutions with no-code tools or extend solutions with Five9 Workflow Automation.


Leverage Self-Service

Enable business users to manage and administer the system themselves through drag-and-drop configuration.

Resources To Help You Get Started


Regent University Improves Scalability and Agent Efficiency

Watch as Jonathan Harrell, Assistance Vice President of IT at Regent University, shares his insight into Regent’s contact center success with Five9.

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Case Study

University Doubles Its Call Volume Without Adding Staff

Learn how Regent University seamlessly moved to the cloud, improved its communications channels, and scaled to meet growth goals.


Study the Higher Education Infographic

Review 6 key stats and Five9 user quotes from Higher Education.