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Boost agent engagement and morale from wherever they work

Foster a fun, interactive environment for agents where healthy competition fuels high performance and develops the team into a united selling force. Fully integrated into the Five9 Performance Dashboard, Five9 Gamification helps contact centers drive agent engagement and productivity with a variety of customizable games and prizes.

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Drive high agent engagement and reduce agent attrition

Keeping agents engaged and reducing attrition has always been a challenge. Developing a strategy to reward and motivate your agents can help. Five9 Gamification enables you to set clear performance goals, encourages remote agents to connect with their peers, and incentivizes top performers. Increase performance transparency, fuel team camaraderie, and reward high performers to drive high engagement and thus reduce turnover.

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Reinforce Learning and Motivate Agent Performance

  • Fully Integrated

    Allow agents to access their daily performance metrics and engage in games or challenges with Five9 Gamification fully integrated into Five9 Performance Dashboard.

  • Motivating Games and Challenges

    Build games for long term team goals and enable agents to initiate challenges between themselves to boost performance during critical periods.

  • Diverse Marketplace

    Offer top-performing agents flexible reward types within the online Marketplace, including coins, gems, badges, experience points, and real-life merchandise.

  • Simulate Games

    Use historical data to check the likely results of a game before rolling it out to the team, ensuring the success of your gamification strategy.

  • Customizable Agent Avatars

    Provide a fun way for agents to express themselves using customizable avatars. Based on agent performance, agents can purchase a wide variety of accessories and even pets for their avatars.

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Games and Challenges

  • Gamification helps agents remain focused, engaged, and motivated with a variety of pre-defined games and challenges, including personalized avatars associated with their rewards and achievements.
Flexible Rewards

Flexible Rewards

  • Virtual rewards include coins, gems, badges, and experience points, or provide real-world rewards through an online marketplace.
Game Simulation

Game Simulation

  • Increase confidence that games will achieve your expected results with simulation using historical data to check likely results before going live with them.
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Customizable Avatars

  • Avatars give agents a fun way to express themselves and showcase their achievements with configurable body styles, clothes, accessories, and pets.
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Permission-based Control

  • Permission settings provide total control over access to functionality and information. This ensures users have the ability to perform the tasks they need, while being restricted from accessing unauthorized information.

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