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Deep Dive - How AI and Automation is Supporting your Agents

CX Spotlight 2024

Taking care of your agents is the best way to empower great customer experiences. It’s critical for contact centres to leverage innovative technologies that help agents do their work with less toil, less redundancy, and more freedom.

Watch our on-demand CX Spotlight, as we discuss Five9's latest AI and automation tools, featuring AI Summary powered by GPT from Open AI. You'll gain insights on how you can leverage the Power of People and Technology with AI and Automation in your contact centre and how our Five9 solutions can empower your agents to deliver a better CX.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How AI real-time transcription frees up agents from note taking and reduces average handle Time (AHT) and after-call work (ACW).
  • How to leverage Five9's AI-driven subject-matter expertise for efficient implementation and configuration of AI models.
  • Top use cases of AI and Automation in the contact centre, such as reducing post-contact activity time and improving quality monitoring for supervisors.
  • A demo led by a Five9 Solution Consultant.

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