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The Five9 Cloud is Ready for Your Genesys Contact Center


Overcome the end of support for PureConnect by easily moving to the cloud to provide a better experience for agents and customers alike. Five9 makes moving to the cloud a positive experience by empowering you with guidance, partnership, services, and continued support.

Genesys Engage and PureConnect users are in good hands with Five9. We have many former Genesys technical staff who bring the experience necessary for Five9 to offer its Liftoff program to smooth that transition.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • Why moving to the cloud is critical for providing the security, scalability, speed, and seamless omnichannel experiences your customers expect
  • Questions to ask before moving any on premises solution to the cloud, the risks of not moving soon, and steps you’ll need to take before making the move
  • How moving between Genesys offers is not as seamless as it appears, reducing the uplift differential of moving to another solution entirely
  • How the Five9 Liftoff for Genesys program creates a positive and transformative experience for Genesys users

Whitepaper: The Five9 Cloud is Ready for Your Genesys Contact Center