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Five9 Culture: It’s In Our DNA

Recognized as one of the 25 Highest Rated Public Cloud Companies to Work For by Battery Ventures and Glassdoor, it’s no secret Five9 is an exceptional place to work. According to Glassdoor, 85% of those surveyed would recommend the company to a friend. When making the move to Five9, our CEO Rowan Trollope said “culture was key.”

So, what is it that makes this company culture so great? There is no one better to hear from than our Five9 employees:

For Senior Product Manager, Danny Wang, it is the people that make working at Five9 so special. “Everyone that works at Five9 has a strong passion for their jobs, with a single-minded focus to deliver our customers the best possible products and services. We truly care about our customers and each team in the company is always advocating for our customers' best interests. This is truly unique from the other companies I have worked for.”

Ashish Umrani, Manager Sustaining Engineering, loves the “We’re all in this together” culture at Five9. He says, “Every person in the company has different ideas of how the same goal can be achieved. And it’s obvious that, with so much knowledge and understanding, each approach has merits of its own. And while everyone can be passionate about one’s approach, what I see happening is, people are getting together and finding the most suitable approach with amendments.”

Commercial Sales Team member, Scott Chisolm, describes the Five9 culture as “collaborative, inclusive, infectious, and fun.” But what really stands out is how much people care about one another. Scott says, “People compete with, not against, each other at Five9. At the end of the day, everyone has the best interest of Five9 in mind, not their own self interests.”

Kendra Riley, VP Enterprise Account Management, says Five9 has a “hard working, high energy, fun atmosphere where everyone seems to want to help each other be successful. We tend to join together to ensure that our customer’s success is our number one priority.”

For Front Desk Coordinator, Zandra Macapinlac, Five9 is a community, always ready to help. She says, “Five9 culture is like no other. We have good leadership here, who give employees opportunities and encourage growth. Plus, people are genuinely nice – they are always willing to help out.”

When asked to describe the Five9 culture, Brian Schnack, Director, Product Management, said “We’re a team that does the hard, smart work when nobody’s watching to make sure our customer wins. We can butt heads with one another, we can challenge one another – but when the time comes to deliver, we bind and drive forward. That work – knowing the customer, knowing their business, building solutions that meet real business needs, building partner relationships that multiply our customers’ technology investments, building a team of professionals across all organizations who’ve worked in, supervised, and built contact centers – is the difference between merely having a talented team of individuals, and a team that truly delivers when it counts. And, that’s Five9.”

Great company culture is a special thing. As you can maybe tell, the list is long as to why our company culture is so unique. Continuing to foster this special Five9 culture is our priority.

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