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Agent Assist: AI Call Center Software

Power Customer Conversations with Real-time Intelligence

Getting customer experience right starts with your contact center agents. Dramatically improve customer experience, team performance, and business outcomes by providing AI superpowers to your agents.

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Help Agents Achieve Best Outcome for Every Interaction

With live customer interactions increasing in complexity, your agents can feel pressured and burned out. Agent Assist helps your agents in the moment with real-time assistance to provide immediate better results. 

Enterprise-ready AI-powered technology improves agent productivity and efficacy, helping them to be more informed, engaged, and focused on the customers. And leaders get instant visibility into trends in the contact center, enabling them to optimize performance.

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Agent Productivity

Give agents the data and tools they need to be more productive in each conversation. Help customers with timely, accurate content based on their need.

Increase First Contact Resolution

Active Leadership

AI-powered insights empower leaders to gain immediate visibility into trends in the contact center, analyze KPIs, and identify opportunities for optimization.

Empower Customers

Empowered Teams

Build practical AI solutions to meet your business needs with Five9’s low-code/no-code platform. Users can design, deploy, and tune models without AI expertise.

Real-time Guidance Drives Higher-Value Interactions 

Real-time guidance cards and checklists help agents when they are live with a customer. Agents have reminders and tips to navigate the conversation better, increasing call effectiveness and CSAT. Increase compliance, script adherence, quality scores, upsell, and accelerate new agent ramp-up.

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Reduce Workload for Agents

Automation Reduces Agent Workload 

Real-time transcription frees agents from note taking, allowing them to focus on the customer and do more meaningful work. Consistent and accurate call summaries that auto-sync with the CRM greatly reduce after-call work. Improve agent experience and retention by making agents’ jobs easier. 

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Happier Agents Deliver Better Results

  • Reduce AHT

    Save time on each call by resolving customer inquiries faster and speeding up after-call work.

  • Boost Upsell

    Detect opportunities and help agents provide timely and relevant content to customers.  

  • Improve Customer Experience

    Allow agents to truly focus on the customer to deliver an empathetic, personalized, and human experience. 

  • Accelerate Agent Onboarding

    Set your new agents up for success by discovering and closing knowledge gaps with instant training.   

  • Increase Compliance and Call Quality

    Ensure standards by reminding agents of proper greetings, closes, or regulatory requirements. 

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61% of companies improved CSAT when they combined AI with live agents.

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Five9 Agent Assist has helped reduce AHT by 30 seconds while keeping call information consistent and accurate.

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Lucy Sung

TruConnect COO

Resources to Help You Get Started

Data Sheet

Five9 Agent Assist

Learn how Five9 Agent Assist uses AI and machine learning to help your agents provide a more human customer experience.

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Drive Higher-Value Customer Interactions

Use AI to lower costs, improve efficiency, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences that inspire loyalty.

Case Study

Reduce Costs, Optimize Service

Learn how TruConnect leverages AI and Five9 Agent Assist to reduce costs and optimize customer service.


Agent Assist Savings Calculator

Agent Assist can help you save on average handle time and after-call work across your entire pool of agents, and at the same time, improve agent efficiency while boosting customer satisfaction.

Want to learn what tangible ROI your business can realize with Agent Assist? Just provide some basic metrics about your contact center, and our savings calculator will do the rest.

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