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Virtual Agent Software Delivers the Experience Customers Want

Automate routine and repetitive tasks with Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent so your live agents can focus on higher value work. Five9 IVA uses practical AI technology to understand what customers want and provide it quickly—without the use of a human agent.

Conversational and Engaging Self-Service

Customers are increasingly looking to self-service automation options to find quick and easy solutions to their problems. Businesses that provide contact center or call center virtual agent options, with things like AI chatbot and more, are positioning themselves for success, while those that don’t are likely to struggle with customer satisfaction.

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) lets you deploy self-service support that delivers a more conversational and engaging experience across both voice and digital channels.

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Deliver Fluid Customer Experiences

See how Five9, powered by advanced AI, helps you design journeys to move your customers through efficient, personalized paths across channels and between virtual and live agents.

See how experiences become even more fluid when you make them multi-modal — augmenting voice IVA interactions with visual content to provide a better level of service.

Learn how to deliver engaging customer experiences with multi-modal and rich media capabilities.

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Faster Service, Happier Customers and Agents

  • Self-Service that Satisfies

    Available 24x7, Five9 IVA delivers a conversational experience for automated interactions. It also lowers service costs by handling interactions typically managed by live agents.

  • One Platform, Simple Development

    Five9 provides a single, cloud-based, no-code development platform. Quickly build, deploy, and manage IVAs across the channels your customers choose — voice, chat, SMS, social messaging, and more.

  • Seamless Handoff to Live Agents

    Five9 IVA transfers details of the IVA interaction with the customer to help the live agent understand the context so they can continue seamlessly where the IVA left off.

  • Pre-Built IVAs and Simple Builds

    Use a task library of pre-defined templates for common and industry-specific actions or quickly create visual workflows by dragging-and-dropping tasks that define the flow.

  • Human Voices, Not Robots

    Choose from 25 authentically human-sounding voice avatars with advanced synthetic text-to-speech technology. Or create a custom voice for your brand at a fraction of the cost of hiring voice talent.

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How much can virtual agents help you save?

Impeccable Voiceovers On-demand

Five9 Virtual Voiceover significantly reduces the time and expense of producing high-quality custom voiceovers for static self-service scripts used with Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVAs). You can create engaging audio, on demand.

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  • Use lifelike voice avatars for high-fidelity voice-over recordings.
  • Leverage easy-to-create natural sounding text-to-speech.
  • Reduce time and effort required to create voiceovers.
  • Select from a menu of 25 standard voices.
  • Create a custom voice avatar through our partnership with WellSaid Labs.

When the whole concept of the IVA came up, I was really excited because I knew that we would be able to do something that hasn’t been done.

Five9 IVA Use Cases

Here a just few common IVA use cases that can drive substantial cost saving and CX improvement.



  • Let your IVA provide answers to frequently asked questions.


  • Schedule appointments 24x7 and get reminders.

Card Payments

  • Provide automated PCI-compliant credit card payment processing.

Password Reset

  • Use IVA to authenticate and reset passwords without involving live agents.

Order Lookup

  • Let customers check order status 24x7 with IVA.

Resources To Help You Get Started

Data Sheet

Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent

AI-driven self-service delivers intuitive, effective outcomes without a live agent. With Five9 IVA, businesses can achieve a remarkably fast return on investment with smart automation.


Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent Solution Guide

Learn about common IVA use cases and cost benefits and how Five9 code-free tools and suite of pre-packaged self-service applications streamline IVA deployment.

White paper

Deliver Faster, Better Customer Experiences With Intelligent Virtual Agents

Create conversational self-service experiences that engage customers and quickly get what they need. Automate routine interactions handled by live agents to lower overall service costs.

Case Study

Virtual Agents Schedule Transportation

Read how Alivi uses a Five9 IVA named Ava to arrange transportation to and from medical appointments in both English and Spanish.


Meet Your Virtual Agents

Call 1-915-Five9AI to talk with an IVA or visit our agent page to read about their skills and hear directly from some of the custom voice avatars.


Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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