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Contact Center Analytics

Analyze every captured customer interaction, both voice and digital, to gain valuable contact center analytics into customer experience and agent performance. Understand the analytical details of where breakdowns happen and how to avoid them to drive continuous improvement.

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Leverage Customer Conversations to Drive Better Business Performance

Five9 Interaction Analytics turns your customer conversations into actionable insights for business improvement. Pinpoint where bottlenecks happen in customer journeys across contact channels, increase positive interaction outcomes, proactively manage compliance, and boost the value of your quality management programs with contact or call center speech analytics and more.

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Decisive Business Insights – No Data Scientist Required

  • Trend and Root Cause Analysis

    Track trends with products or services and understand in detail what triggers them.

  • Queries and Ad Hoc Analysis

    Get quick answers to your company’s most important questions with powerful queries and ad hoc analysis.

  • Automated Quality Management

    Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your quality programs with automated scoring and evaluation assignment.

  • Speech and Text Analysis

    Deliver exceptional omnichannel experiences for customers with AI-driven analytics across voice and text interactions.

  • Automatic Topic Identification

    Target crucial business outcomes like first contact resolution and customer retention for improvement.

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Cloud-based solutions are forecast to double from 36.3% to 71.9% in the coming year; on premises solutions are set to fall in tandem.


We continue to explore new ways Five9 Interaction Analytics can improve our business with powerful capabilities like automated quality scoring.

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Interaction Analytics

  • Voice, email, and chat channels
  • 100% recorded call transcription
  • Automated interaction scoring
  • AI-based natural language understanding
  • Sentiment, emotion, and acoustic analysis

Quality Management Integration

  • Analytics results available during evaluations
  • Analytics tags visible in transcripts
  • Analytics metadata in QM queries
  • Agent analytics overview
  • Supervisor analytics overview
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Multilingual Analysis

  • 28 supported languages
  • Multiple languages in a single interaction
  • Language detection
  • Voice and text channels
  • Multilingual call transcription

Trend and Root-cause Analysis

  • Automatic topic identification
  • Trend reports and dashboards
  • Word cloud visualization
  • Statistical comparison

We’ll help you find the right strategy and products for your evolving business.

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Five9 Interaction Analytics

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Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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