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Reimagine your Workforce with AI and Automation

The importance of providing an excellent customer experience has been well documented – in consumer surveys, in analyst reports, and in the increasingly visible and honest feedback that today’s customers share across social media. The role that digital transformation plays in optimizing CX is also deeply understood. That’s why we recently launched the Five9 CX Maturity Model, a framework to guide enterprises through the next era of customer service in the contact center.
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How Financial Organizations Can Improve the Lending Journey with AI

Friction in complicated buyers' journeys, like home loans, might feel inevitable. But with the right technology, it doesn’t have to be. 
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Empowering Patients and Workers in the Next Era of Healthcare

As we emerge from the pandemic, a new empowered workforce has emerged with new supporting technologies to help drive success and enable operational excellence.
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How SLED Agencies Can Improve Public Interaction

For the public, contacting state, local, or education (SLED) agencies has usually been a matter of finding the right number in a directory or navigating a lengthy list of IVR menu options only to reach a voice mailbox. As these agencies face the labor shortages and impacts of the Great Resignation, reaching a live person and getting answers can be even more frustrating.  

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How Five9 Drives True Industry Focused Solutions with Partners

Going vertical isn’t a “nice to have” when it comes to delivering great CX in the contact center; it’s a must have and at Five9, our partners are helping us achieve this.
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Adapting Agent Engagement to Survive the Great Resignation

Companies, specifically Contact Centers, can increase employee engagement through performance management and gamification.
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How AI will Shape the Future of Voice in CX  

Whether it’s Siri, Alexa, or Cortana at home, or AI-powered virtual agents in the contact center, the way we interact and connect with each other and with companies now goes hand in hand with voice-based artificial intelligence.  

Is your Public Sector Contact Center Prepared for Climate Change?

Over the past several years, the words “natural disaster” have taken on new meaning.

CCaaS Services Checklist: 7 Must-Ask Questions to Evaluate a Provider

Customer experience (CX) is mission-critical to any business. So, selecting the right contact center partner can be a daunting task. Companies spend a lot of time doing due diligence on the feature requirements and which vendor can meet their unique needs.
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Frost & Sullivan Report: Evolving the Healthcare Contact Center

Research firm Frost & Sullivan surveyed 129 healthcare decision-makers to discover how contact centers have changed as a result of the pandemic.
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