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Provide the Exceptional Experiences Your Patients and Members Want

Legacy infrastructure, complicated processes, and strict government regulations have made the healthcare industry needlessly complex and confusing for patients and members to navigate. The quality of your communication experiences has become a competitive differentiator, so delivering extraordinary service when and how patients and members need it is more crucial than ever before. The Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center enables you to provide them with the support they expect and will remember.

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Engage your patients and members on the channel of their choice.

Providing patients and members with high-touch, empathetic communication helps differentiate your care and support. Deliver a more human experience as you build and strengthen your relationships with them.

Learn how to create connected experiences with your patients and members in our white paper: Healthcare Anywhere: Deliver Next Generation Healthcare Experiences With Five9.

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HIPAA Compliant

Connect patients and healthcare providers remotely using HIPAA compliant omnichannel, including video conferencing.

Security & Compliance


Route conversations over voice, video, messaging (chat, SMS, social), and email when and how it’s convenient for them.

Our Omnichannel Capabilities


Deliver personalized messages, such as appointment reminders, via voice or SMS. Offer automatic callbacks so patients and members don’t have to wait on hold.

Our Proactive Notifications


Empower patients and members to self-serve with easy-to-use visual or speech-enabled IVRs and intelligent virtual agents.

Our Intelligent Virtual Agent

Empower your staff to make patients and members feel special.

Your staff is unable to provide the high level of support patients and members need when they are distracted by switching between applications and searching for answers. Enable your staff with capabilities that personalize conversations and reduce the effort to resolve issues.

Learn how to provide seamless, digital-first, omnichannel experiences with Five9 Digital Engagement.

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Simplify Patient

Regardless of channel, supply staff with the right information at the right time from a single desktop.

Patient Journeys

Know Your

Provide staff with patient information and context during interactions with pre-built integrations to your CRM, knowledge base, and other key systems.

Our Integrated Agent Desktop

Focus on

Listen to conversations in real time using AI to make prompt recommendations and auto-complete case work during interactions.

Agent Assistance


Connect with clinicians or other experts with pre-built integrations to popular unified communications solutions.

Our UC Integrations

Improve performance and manage staff with actionable insights.

The heart of every contact center beats to a desired set of performance standards. Our healthcare cloud contact center solution improves real-time control, adheres to quality standards, and predicts patient and member demand on resources.

Watch Five9 Knows Healthcare to learn how to evolve your communication experiences with patients and members.

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Hire Remote

Expand your talent pool, meet a wider range of schedules, and deliver a better business continuity plan.

Cloud-based Technology

Make Better

Monitor your contact center, manage staff and queues, and respond quickly to changing conditions with customized real-time dashboards and reports.

Our Reporting Capabilities


Manage rapidly fluctuating call volumes with ease and quickly enable remote operations during an emergency.

Intelligent Cloud Contact Center

Manage Your

Forecast demand, accurately schedule, and monitor real-time adherence while arming supervisors with real-time omnichannel KPIs, staff statistics, and easy ways to assist staff during patient interactions.

Workforce Management

Be available anywhere, anytime while reducing your IT workload.

Move your operations to the cloud, enable and empower a remote staff, and provide a foundation for business continuity while meeting key healthcare industry compliance standards including HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, CADPR, and ISO 27001/27002. Take comfort in the knowledge that we maintain system redundancy and multi-tenancy while using microservices for a flexible and extensible solution.

Learn how Teladoc moved to the cloud in only 30 days without sacrificing reliability.

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Enable a 100% remote workforce worldwide with in-region voice capabilities that optimize your global resources.

Global Voice Capabilities


Offload worries about system maintenance, uptime, and updates to us and our 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC).

Our Trust Site


Build solutions for custom environments with our Agent Desktop Toolkit, extensive framework of REST APIs, reference UIs, and other tools.

Cloud APIs


Connect your systems using pre-built integrations with leading CRMs like Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, ServiceNow, and Zendesk.

CRM Integrations

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