Engagement Workflow

Deliver a more human experience with engagement workflow.

Create and execute a cohesive customer engagement strategy across self-service, agent engagement, and agent workflow on the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center.

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Leverage AI, customer data, and more to improve the customer journey

Tools to interpret unstructured data (such as an email), customer data (from CRM), context (from self-service), and the ability to leverage AI let you understand customer intent and deliver service tailored to customers’ needs. Five9 Engagement Workflow makes it simple to collect and leverage customer data and interaction context. Self-service applications can increase customer resolution and, when assistance is needed, connect customers to agents with the right skills to help.

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Manage your customer experience from a single environment

Build Powerful Self-Service Solutions

It’s easy to build self-service applications with Five9 Engagement Workflow.

Route Customer Interactions to the Right Resource – Anywhere in the World

Five9 Omnichannel gives your service and sales organizations the ability to interact with customers across all channels from a single environment.


Engagement Workflow delivers interactions to your agents, regardless of the customer communication channel, along with a “screen pop” that provides them with a complete picture of each problem before they engage customers.

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In the next 5 years, contact centers will undergo more change than in the last 25.

Intelligently Route Interactions

  • Voice
  • Email
  • Messageing (chat, SMS, social)
  • Mobile

Agent Guidance

  • Gather data from a broad set of customer information systems
  • Collect and utilize customer intent from self-service interactions
  • Build automated workflows to automate tasks with Five9 Workflow Engagement

Build Self-Service Solutions

  • Multilingual audio and visual prompts
  • Virtual assistants
  • Speech recognition
  • Text-to-speech

I’ve leveraged Five9 as the backbone of a call center across two companies and have had an excellent experience working with both the software itself and Five9’s implementation and support staff.

Alissa Stanley

Executive Operations Analyst, Home Works Energy

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Five9 Engagement Workflow

Improve self-service, customer engagement, and agent productivity by using this powerful tool.

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Data Sheet

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Data Sheet

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Automate interactions with customers and help agents deliver a more human experience.

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