Use Video to Engage with Your Customers

Using real-time video creates better experiences by speeding issue resolution, personalizing interactions, and reducing customer effort.

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Resolve Issues Faster and More Accurately Using Video

Five9 Video, part of the Five9 Digital Engagement Family, lets your customer use a mobile device to share what they see with an agent. This allows the agent to quickly diagnose the problem. Agents can annotate the video feed to indicate what they are talking about and easily guide customers on what needs to be done. By quickly determining the problem and solving it, agents spend less time on the phone. Your business saves money while enabling you to create unique, personalized customer interactions. 

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Powerful Video for the Right Interactions

It’s Easier with Video

By seeing what the customer sees, agents can diagnose and solve problems faster—the first time.

Escalate to Video When Needed

Not all calls require video, but when it is needed you can easily escalate regardless of the original contact channel.

Low Effort, Great Results

Lower the effort of your customers and your agents alike by using a visually collaborative environment to easily resolve issues. 

Omnichannel Journeys

Five9 Omnichannel makes it easy to deliver seamless customer journeys to provide an exceptional customer experience.

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Due to the pandemic in 2020, RoundPoint created a specific COVID-19 support page, receiving tens of thousands of interactions through Five9 Visual IVR, and set up between 48,000 and 55,000 forbearance plans in just one month.

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Live Video and Rich Communications

  • Live video can streamline interactions significantly when it comes to providing complex interactions like medical or financial

Non-Verbal Queues

  • Not every interaction requires video, but when it’s used it allows for a unique connection

Improve Agent Performance

  • Assessing stored video calls for quality management purposes can help improve performance

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Omnichannel Powered by Five9

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Five9 Video

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Use real-time data collected from your customers to provide actionable insights for your agents and business.

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